Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last Minute Changes...

I cannot lie. I do not appreciate a letter from the mission office one week before I leave telling me that I still need certain clothes and cannot bring some things I already purchased. It stresses me out! Slowly but surely I am packing up. My bedding is washed and in a box, almost ready to be sent to Missouri. I still need to go shopping for a few items. My parents are being so wonderful about it, saying we'll get things taken care of since I'm on the verge of tears due to the added stress of already having said goodbye to Derek with only a phone call to come, and soon to come goodbyes to his family and my family. Not to mention many other loved ones. I'm not very good at goodbyes. I'm getting better, but I still dislike them. I've never left home for this amount of time or situation.

God is teaching me, though. I gave my farewell address on Sunday and I got a lot of positive responses to it from people. Funny quote... A sister in the congregation was wiping her eye and when her daughter asked her if she was crying, she responded, "No, I have Vicki in my eye!". Hahaha. I love my home ward so much. I'm finding peace through the weirdest moments it seems. I can be on the verge of depression for a few minutes and the next few minutes perfectly fine with life. Go figure. But He is with me.

As I was blog stalking other missionaries (I can do that for another week!), one sent home the prophesy about Egypt found in Isaiah 19, and then in 2 Nephi 21:11-12. That's what's happening in Egypt right now. Mind blown!!!!! The gospel's true. End of story.

Keep updated! And just for the record, the picture is a test (if it worked...). I have yet to try to attach pictures to this blog through this email update thing. Trying to figure it out for when I'm in the field I can share pictures!

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