Kansas City Missouri Temple

January 16, 2011 - Jason Adams

As of January 2011, the Missouri Independence mission does not have a temple within its boundaries. There has been construction of a temple being built right in Kansas City, Missouri, just 20 short minutes from the Independence Visitors' center and just west of the Liberty Jail Historic Site. This temple is due to be finished and dedicated in 2012. With any luck on my behalf, I'll be there when the temple has its open house and is dedicated... what a treat that would be!

There are a couple temple sites in the greater Kansas City area such as in Far West, MO which was dedicated in 1831, and Independence, MO which was dedicated in 1838, but because of an extermination order in Missouri at that time, temples were never constructed. Members resided in Kansas at the time as well but left when church headquarters were established in Nauvoo, IL, and Salt lake City, UT. As of now, there is one operating temple in Missouri located in St. Louis.

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