Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FEB 29


So, we got transfer calls last night. It was just crazy! Almost the
entire zone is changing. All the Elders' companionships, more than
half the sisters'... and I got kicked out of the VC! I have been
called to serve in Hutchinson, KS. I get to ride a motorcoach for 5
hours tomorrow morning. I will be seving with Sister Dodd, the same
from the MTC, so that is exciting. I'm taking Sister T's place out
there and she's going to the Liberty Jail. I'm stoked for her! One of
the sisters at the VC and I are really close (Sister Payne), and she
is getting transferred out to Hays, KS. Different zones, but we'll be
riding the motorcoach together! I'm grateful for that. This is my
first time riding the bus. I've got a crazy day ahead of me. Even
though it's my P-day, I have a ton to do. Pack. Sort. Mail. Pack some
more. And work. I didn't really sleep last night. Funny how anxiousity
will do that to you, eh?

I'm so grateful to have had the chance to serve in Independence 4th
ward and at the VC again. I am so excited for this new adventure out
in Kansas! I hear the skies are gorgeous. It is just sad leaving
people you love. I got really attached to one of the senior couples.
All 3 of us were crying after breakfast this morning (all the sisters
and senior couples get together every Wednesday morning before
transfers). Sister Porter will be taking over the area and I'm so
excited for her! She's so ready. She just needed me to get out of the
way so she could continue to progress. I've learned so much from the
sisters and senior couples here in Independence. They love and support
us so well. The Anderson's are the senior couple that I really like a
lot. They live up in Cardston.... and I'm going to visit them
eventually. Anyone want to go to Canada?

Sending home some photos I stole from other sisters. First one is of
my last district. We had a huge district. L to R, Standing: Sister
Sibbett, Sister Payne, Elder Murray, Elder Masters, Elder Poulson,
Elder Fullmer, Elder Robbins, Elder Seely. Kneeling: Sister Wright,
Sister Vickers, Sister Moore, Sister Porter.
0577: This beastly ice cream sundae we devoured last P-day. 0579:
After devouring said sundae. 0669: The mission got 2 brand new chevy
trucks. This is really worldly of me but I really want to drive it...
the Assistants are driving it momentary and I bug them about it
everytime I see them (they serve in 4th ward so I see them a lot...
hahaha). It's beautiful. 0722: At the breakfast this morning...
sisters singing to the 3 that are going home. 0647: This is Sister
Thorne. We love each other.

I don't really know what to write about. Everything is a blurr. I
haven't slept. Life is good. Life is beautiful. I've been signing
journals like mad. I won't be able to sit down for a while. Things are
good. I can't complain. When I go out to Hutch, we will be living with
members. That's new for me. We get a full time car and bikes. Maybe I
can lose some of this love from the holidays... that's a nice thought.

It's crazy to think that I reported to the MTC almost exactly a year
ago. I have come such a long way. The Lord is still refining me and
I'm so grateful to become mroe of who He wants me to me. This work is
hard. It requires a lot of diligence, patience, charity, and faith.
But when those big miracles come, and they do, I can say that I was
used in the hands of the Lord. I have fulfilled my purpose. I am doing
what He needs me to do. I'm so grateful for my Savior who loves me.
I'm so grateful to know that He lives. I'm grateful to know that I
have a plan and purpose. I'm grateful to know that I have been placed
with my family for a reason. I'm grateful to be on earth. I'm grateful
for my body. I'm grateful to learn how to work hard and rely on God.
This scripture helps me get through...

1 Nephi 9:6 - "But the Lord knoweth all things from the beginning;
wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the
children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of
all his words. And thus it is. Amen."

This work will go forth. What a blessing it is to be here.
I love my mission. I love my life. I love my family. I love my Savior.
I love my Heavenly Father. Life is good. Seize the day and know that
tomorrow will always be brighter.

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Sister Victoria Moore

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22, 2012

Good morning,

It's supposed to be 67* here in Independence today, and then in a
couple days back down to 32*. The midwest is crazy! However, a local
church leader had testified that the area is having such a mild winter
because the temple needed to be completed. I believe it. We are
gearing up for the open house and are so excited for it! It's going to
be huuuuuge.

A few pictures. A few of the sisters that serve at the VC. I might
room with the sister second from the left. Another of me at my
trestment for my back. My future loks bright thanks to modern
medicine. And then my haricut! I was really tired. It was taken at the
end of the day and that sister is Sister Payne. She's my friend.

What to report... last Sunday a couple former Elders came back to
visit 4th ward that I served with. It was fun to see them. All
weekend, people kept coming up to me asking, "Are you okay?" and I
couldn't figure out why. As I searched diligently on the subject,
trying to figure out what's going on inside of me, the Lord showed me
that I just need to be happy and start showing my love. I got into the
rut of focusing on the duty side of the work that I forgot to enjoy
what I was actually doing! That is a scary thing. But it was such a
blessing, too, because I was shown that even when these poor habits
come into play, all we have to do is make a choice and the world
becomes instantly brighter. "You are what you've always imagined you
could be. You can see it; all you need is to believe it. Already, you
have made it. So burn bright, the world needs your light". Gotta love

Things are well. Writer's block is coming on again. Last night we went
out to eat with some members and they took us to Bass Pro Shop.
There's a restuarant in there. Way awesome place. My family would be
proud of me as I ate Talapia, Snow King Crab, and Alligator. That's
right; I ate alligator. It was quite an adventure. Sister Porter has
never had seafood and she wanted to try the crab. So the waitress
brought it out in a wash bucket and Sister Porter had the greatest
look on her face. She held up the plastic bib that comes with it and
asks, "Am I supposed to wear this?" She's so cute! It was an adventure
helping her eat the crab. In the parking lot, we ran into a member of
the Odessa ward. So great to see him!

Transfers are next week. I will still write home next Wednesday, but I
will know where I'm going. I'll let you know if P-day changes next
week, too.

We were able to go to the Liberty Jail President's Devotional last
Sunday. The testimonies were so powerful. President Keyes gets up and
gives this talk about faith. He shares this story. I will probably
butcher it, but I pray that the Spirit will still be here.

There's a story that happened not too long ago in the Missouri
Independence Mission. Now, this could've happened anywhere. But it
didn't. It happened here in this mission. A couple of Elders were
walking out of K-Mart when they saw some commotion over by a car. They
decided to see what was going on. When they got closer, they saw a man
kneeling down on the concrete hovering over a baby that seemed to be
gone. He had put a shirt on the ground and was trying to figure out
what to do. The mother of the child was hysterical. She had just
pulled into the parking lot and when she saw her baby the harness was
too tight, or something, and had suffocated the baby. The Elders ran
over and asked the woman if they could bless her baby. She was so
hysterical and was desperate for any sort of help. Right there, in the
middle of the K-Mart parking lot, the Elders knelt down, laid their
hands on the head of the child, and blessed it. As they removed their
hands from its head, the child awakes and looks around as everything
were normal. The Elders make eye contact with the woman, return to
their car, and drive away. Even before they exited the parking lot,
the woman knew they were servants of God, and that she had just
experienced a miracle. Even if no one else knew what had just
happened, the Elders did, and the woman did.

This story is true. I know that the power of God has been restored
through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Christ has restored His
church. I've seen healings in my own family. I've seen healings in my
own life. I've seen the faith of so many wrought miracles. This is why
I'm out on my mission; because God loves us enough to have sent His
son, Jesus Christ, and everyone needs to know that they are loved. I'm
so very grateful for this blessing of knowledge... just knowing that I
am a part of this work and seeing the Lord work. The gospel has been
restored. And it is true. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

I love you all. Stay safe. Go to church. Read the Book of Mormon.
Pray to God. There is so much more for us to learn.

Sister Moore

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb. 15

Hello hello,

I'm having issues with my memory card so I stole some photos from my
companion. I hope these will satisfy until I figure out my own issue.
Story of my life eh? :) But things are grand here. We've found some
great new investigators, the VC is keeping steady, I'm growing and
stretching, home life is grand, I really can't complain. Nor do I have
things to update on. So much happens that I sit down to write and my
mind goes blank. Probably because I'm exhausted. We've started going
to bed before 10:30pm.

The photos:
4093: A baptism we had last month.
4129: Remember how I wrote home about when Sister Porter opened up the
Bible and got her answer to a prayer? This was taken right after it.
It was raining.
4198: My "snap pea cake" made by Sister Porter on my birthday.
4235: A cake that some of our investigators made for me.
4246: Hand embrodered by Sister Porter... her gift to me. I absolutely
love it. She's so good to me. :)
4294: Lunch after district meeting. We all look like we could be
related. L to R: Sisters Payne, Porter, Moore

A while back we got a referral to the Marriott Fairfield Inn for the
General Manager. Turns out she was a less active member but have been
visiting her since. We tried to see her again the other night before
we headed home because we felt like we should but she wasn't there so
we started talking to the other woman at the front desk. We start
asking her about her belief in God and she says, "I always ask people
who believe in God 'How do you know'?" She needs the lvoe of God in
her life. We gave her a card and testified and went on our way. As I
walked out the door, the Spirit constrained me. I turn to Sister
Porter and ask, "DO you have a BOok of Mormon on you?" "Yes" she
replies. We turn around and teach her about the Book of Mormon. She
lit up. She has been reading since. We's such a neat lady! However,
for a more humorous side of this story, while we were teaching about
the Book of Mormon, this very elderly man comes up with a napkin full
of cookies, places it in my hands, and hugs us both. He calls himself
an "angel from heaven" and continues to carry on about the subject. It
was pretty funny. Pretty sure he had had a little alcohol in him.
Sadly, he probably didn't remember anything we said. The adventures of
tracting, eh?

I got my hair cut yesterday. Don't worry... it'll grow out by the time
I get home. I love it. It's easy to manage. I don't have to spend half
an hour on it every morning.

Sorry for the short note, but I know this work is true. I know God
lives, that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to atone for us so we could
experience all we have. It's beautiful to know that the Supreme Being
love and cares for us individually and has given us these teachings in
the gospel to follow, embrace, and love. I've never been happier. This
church is true. Christ lives! Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Sister Moore

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 8

Good morning y'all,

Thank you all for your notes and updates! I love hearing from
everyone. I had something cool happen last Sunday. At the VC, the
director has asked the sisters to write down and record "miracle
moments" that happen at the VC. They then send them to Salt Lake to be
used at the MTC, for other missionaries, and are even shared with the
brethren. I've been able to send a few in which is a huge blessing in
itself. Something happened that I hadn't even been aware of and was
asked to write it out. So here's a little story for you:

"Every Sunday morning my companion and I report to the
Independence Visitors’ Center to welcome guests from around the world
and to share with them something that is precious and true. February
5th was another one of those Sundays. I sat deep in my scriptures and
pondered to why I was really here in Missouri. I’ve learned that we
will never arrive to a certain trait of knowledge, but rather our
testimony deepens with every act and step we take towards the Savior.

      Around 11 AM, a woman walks into the Center and walks downstairs
to use the restroom. A man comes in shortly afterwards and introduces
himself. He was a member. The woman that just came in was not, but
rather his wife who had been asking several questions. They were from
Kansas but in the area for a family member that was visiting from
California. He said he felt that he needed to bring her in today. She
came upstairs and was very warm and open to learning more. I was
privileged to be able to take them through the center and we began
with God’s Plan for his Family. I explained that the family is crucial
to understanding God. I shared that the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches
us correct principles that we are to use and apply into our lives to
find lasting happiness. I told them that families were sacred,
eternal, and forever. I invited them to listen for the Spirit. At the
end, the couple grew closer as they had felt the Spirit and that
truth. I then took them in front of the magnificent Christus statue,
to where I bore testimony of Jesus Christ and how He has given us an
opportunity in this life for so much more joy. I am a convert to the
Church of three and a half years and my mom joined two years after I
did. I shared my story that we as a family attended several churches
growing up, never sticking with one as I never felt at home. I found
this church and finally felt what I was blindly looking for. I shared
that my mom had always been close to the spirit and was not-so-blindly
searching for something. She had decided to learn about the Church
because she saw how it changed my life for the better. As this couple
listened, I could see the woman take an interest as she reminded me a
lot of my mom. As I asked for her thoughts she shared with me that she
agrees with the principles. She considers herself spiritual and has a
love for Christ. She had always been so impressed with her husband’s
family and knew this had to be good. I took her into another part of
the Center titled Scriptures and Revelations and she began to open up.
Her husband was very excited at this point. He asked me to explain to
her about the gold plates, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and how
it all ties back to Jesus Christ. I did my best to follow the Spirit
by showing her examples of prophecies found in the Bible, bearing
testimony, and sharing personal experiences. She started asking
several other sincere questions and I did my best to follow the Spirit
to answer her. I felt we really connected. Her husband was very
patient as we seemed to branch off as I taught a majority of the first
and second lessons. Two hours later, they left. She had accepted the
missionaries and a Book of Mormon, and several references to
information online. She says she believes these things could happen.
She shared with me that what was most impressive to her was the fact
that we share information and invite them to ask God if it be true.
She thanked me for my time and left. I was excited to call in a few
days to see how things were.

      A couple of days later, I was serving with the same senior
couple that was with us Sunday morning. The Elder called me over and
asked me about Sunday. I said that I really liked them and would be
calling them in a couple days to see if the missionaries made it by.
He then shared with me that he had talked to the husband a few times
as I was teaching the wife. The husband shared with him that he had
been searching for someone for so long to help his wife see the
connection from the Bible to the Book of Mormon. As I began teaching,
he greatly felt that I was able to give that to her and that for the
first time she accepted missionaries and had her questions answered. I
was floored. I hadn’t the slightest idea that I was being used in the
hands of the Lord to help this family on their way to being eternal. I
was humbled as I felt the Spirit bear witness to me that it was true.
I learned that when we rely on the Lord and do what is asked of us, we
see miracles. I know in my mind and in my heart that miracles happen
every day, but when we see the Lord working right in front of us, we
start to understand why we are placed where we are."

Out in our area, we've found a few new investigators which we are
excited about and have a few committed to baptism. It's always so
exciting to see them take steps toward lasting happiness! Last Sunday
we had the monthly Mission President's Devotional to where recent
converts share their conversion story and testimony. I was asked to
sing, so I preformed "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", in a beautiful
arrangement. I loved it! I love testifying through words and through

It's starting to become winter out here. Not so much snow, but it's
cold. I got up and ran this morning and I feel so good! Being active
is helping my back and neck. I've decided to start the long journey of
reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. I started this morning
and the Lord showed me some amazing things in the first couple
chapters of Genesis! haha, I get so excited about the littlest things,
but that is what keeps life real and fun. Enjoy the journey! Smile! Be
happy! I'll find you if you don't.

I think I said I'd write about how we will be involved with the temple
last week but I realized I never did. During the open house, sisters
will be at the end of tours to answer questions and guide people to
the stake center. Elders don't get to play a part of that. And we can
attend the open house as well, and will be at the dedication too. I'm
excited! What a blessing it is to be here in this mission as this

Sister Porter is trying to love me to death. She's very huggy; I'm not
so much. It's always fun watching us. :) I love her, even if she's

Thank you for all your support. I know that this gospel is true. I
know that Christ lives and loves us. The family is ordained of God and
helps us understand our relationship with God himself. Go forward,
brethren and sisters, and on, on to the vistory!

Sister Moore

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 February... where is 2012 going?‏

I come bringing good tidings of great joy! The gospel is true! And many miracles are to be found within!
In all reality, yes. I've seen miracle after miracle. Starting a day before my birthday. We had planned to weekly plan and do some referral tracting, but the thought came to my head that we should go see all our investigators and invite them to church personally. While only three of the several came, it was productive. This one couple's granddaughters were just baptized a couple of weeks ago and have just fallen in love with us. The wife came to church on my birthday, not knowing it was my birthday (I didn't tell anyone). However, one of the elders in the ward knew it was my birthday due to records in the mission office (dang assistants) and wished me a happy birthday during our Sunday school class, which we taught. I think the entire room gasped with shock due to the fact I didn't tell them. They called me to repentance and are feeding me a birthday dinner tonight. The miracle in this is the investigator wife is starting to feel the love within the church. She and her own family are making mends. In my own life, I think the zone leaders said "happy almost birthday!" everyday for a week, and all the other missionaries had been hiding things from me.
My actual birthday was great. Sister Porter rolled out of bed at 6:30 and walked into the kitchen. She never does that. She comes out with a cooking tray with the words "Happy B-Day" spelled out in snap peas, and sings to me. She takes pictures as I open the package from my parents. So great. An hour later, the zone leaders call and they along with my district leader and his companion sing to me a wonderful harmonized birthday song over the phone. An hour after that we get picekd up for our shift at the VC, to where the senior couple on shift gave me a homemade coconut cake and cookie salad. 15 minutes later the VC director and his wife call and wish me a happy birthday. 15 minutes after that, the sisters on shift with me swarm me with love. I finally get a break ... 4 hours later the sisters that were to replace us at the VC so we can go to church swarm me again. I was feeling clostrophobic at times. At church it was a little better, except the elders greeted me and said "Happy Birthday" in front of the whole ward in the hallways, in class, etc. They serve in the office at times so they knew... and please refer to the story above for what happened there. Sister Keyes called right after the 3rd hour. I was able to hide the rest of my birthday until the closing song and prayer at the VC. The sisters sang to me. Oh goodness. And it doesn't stop there.
Monday morning we (the whole zone) play sports at the church gym for an hour. At the end of the hour, one of the elders shouts "we have a surprise!" I dash for the doors but I was too late. They all start singing and I am presented a soccer ball, signed by all the missionaries in the zone, as well as presented strawberry shortcake. Favorite. The love just kept coming. Everything else is a blur, but it's Wednesday, and I'm still hearing the reference of my day of birth from the missionaries. Needless to say, I am overly loved here. And I am so grateful for it.
So, you are probably tired of me talking about how loved I am out here. Where are the miracles?! Good question. We see miracles, small and large, everyday. A couple of them happened yesterday. I was down in the referral center calling a few people. This couple came into the VC a couple weeks ago and the first thing they said was "can we get a Book of Mormon here?" Of course you can! let us show you the center! Very neat people. Accepted missionaries. I called to see if the missionaries ever showed up. When I got ahold of them I asked how their reading was going. The wife starts talking and says in a very passioante tone, "Oh, I just picked up the Book of Mormon and I was witnessed to that it was the word of God. I started reading it and yep, I know it's true". I was a little speechless. I sent the sisters over there. Miracle! Another one brought shivers to my shine. A woman walks into the VC and asks for a couple of us sisters to help her sing a hymn. Another sister and myself go to the piano with her and sing for maybe a minute, then we start talking. She's a recent convert, baptized last March. She was at the VC because she was waiting for the zone leaders. She told us about how she got introduced to the church. Her exhusband had to have brain surgery and it changed his personality enough that he became abusive. She took her daughter and left and finally moved to Blue Springs. He filed for divorce which shook up the daughter so badly she's been seeing professionals ever since. She, while in the hospital, got in contact with the missioanries and loved the church. She introduced her mom to it and her mom joined, but the daughter was never able to for whatever reason. I asked if she would be willing to see the missionaries again and if we could send them to her. She agreed and said "yes, I've been thinking about sending the sister missionaries to her. She just got to Nevada, Missouri yesterday". My heart skipped a beat. Whitney just got transferred there. Whitney is one of those sister missionaries that would go see her daughter. I told her that my best friend is serving there and that she would take care of her daughter. I got the contact info and hopefully Whitney will get it soon. I found out later that the appointment this woman came for was actually scheduled for today, not yesterday. We called the ZL's and they apologize to her and set up the appointment for tonight. She was supposed to be at the VC last night. Miracles.
Miracles happen everyday. I'm slowly learning what I need to and what potential I truly have as a daughter of God. I have set higher goals for myself because I know with the Lord's help I can reach them. I'm so grateful for the help my Father in Heaven gives to me as I honor the covenants I have made with Him. We have power as we accept and honor our baptismal and temple covenants. I know God lives and loves us. I know His son lives and loves us. I know that we are all here for a specific purpose, and our adversity helps us achieve that goal. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and helps us understand the things that happen to us and around us. It brings peace and light into your life that you never even knew existed. I'm grateful for me His servant. I'm grateful for this understanding. I'm grateful for my family and the miracles I see within them. I know Christ lives. Forever and always.
Sister Moore