Thursday, January 27, 2011

Testing, testing

I found a function on Blogger that says you can update a blog by sending a post to a certain email address. I have no idea if this is true, but here goes nothing. If this does happen to work, I can update my blog without having to explain how to to my family; I'd send my weekly update straight to Blogger from my email along with my family. So here's to technology... here goes nothing.

On the other hand, I finally got a day off today. I really haven't left my bed nor my laptop, but I'll have you know I have not been Facebook stalking all day. I have worked on my farewell talk, I have studied scriptures, I have written stories, I have written letters to missionaries, and I have even eaten a thing or two. I am starting to see bags under my eyes because of the hectic sleep schedule I am putting upon my poor body. Perhaps I should heed the counsel of the Lord in D&C 88:123-124. Maybe one day.

Until next time,

Sister Moore

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My brain is becoming enlarged...

My brain is being pushed. I feel like I'm back at school again! For my home ward, I have been called as a substitute seminary teacher and I have been teaching the last few days. When looking at the material given to you, you need to know everything: why things happened, how things happened, what came from them, and any little detail with words because the students have questions! The challenging part? You get a time limit. So, even though my brain is being pushed and prodded and I have created an alternate life for it, I only teach what I feel the spirit tells me to in my short amount of time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is not always easy.

I love the kids, though. They are great! Some talk, some sleep. I can't blame them too much, I remember being in high school and to show up to learn something at 6 in the morning is pretty impressive to me. The age difference is funny. I was in high school 3 years ago. I guess I'm just old enough to earn their respect. I never got this experience. I'm now on the other side of it. Sort of reminds me of Girl's Camp this past summer - I never went when I was younger due to my own story, but I was asked to be over one of the cabins with another sister in the stake. It was a blast! I experienced it from the other side. The Lord is taking care of me so when I do have my own kids at this age, I get an idea of what I'm sending them off to do.

Also, slowly but surely, my really cute sister missionary outfits are making their appearances in the world since every morning I teach I dress up, and then of course every Sunday as well. I'm going to be stylish! Out in Missouri is going to be wicked humid and I'm getting there right before the summer. Oh, I really don't care for the intense heat.

So, life is good. Life is busy. My 21st birthday is this Saturday. On Friday, my family is having the Elders up and we're having German Chocolate cake! Some sort of en tray too, but that's not too important. I hope we do Jell-o shots, too... ever take Jell-o, spike it with Mountain Dew or Sprite, let it set and then partake of the goodness? On Saturday, my mom is taking me to the spa for my first ever professional deep tissue massage. Can you say heavenly? I can just hear the stress and tension in my back melt away... Since, you know, I'm not going to go get drunk. How lame and unoriginal.

A good friend of mine leaves his home today to report to the MTC tomorrow. He'll be serving in the Washington Tacoma mission and will be there on Valentine's Day. He's an awesome character. Note to self: send the letter to him... you wrote it, now send it (one of my many flaws). I called him up last night to wish him well and we just got to talking about the gospel, family, and how when he comes home I'm going to show him Oregon because he's never been here! The madness! By the way, anyone else who is not from Oregon, and has never been, please keep in touch for I can plan this huge tour of Northwest Oregon with you all. Take you from Mt. Hood, to the coast, up to the Columbia River and down into the Willamette Valley, not to mention everything else in between. Think about it... you know you want to!

There's life. Maybe if I get around to it I'll post pictures of my last few weeks as a civilian. Thanks for tuning in; until next time!

[Sister] Vicki Moore

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

First of all, I have been assigned a "farewell" talk which I will give in my home ward on February 20th. Any and all are invited to come watch and listen as I give my final address. It will be at 11 AM in the St. Helens, OR building during the regular church service called Sacrament Meeting. If you need directions, email me at "" or find me on Facebook. I would LOVE to see you there!

This is all starting to become a little overwhelming. I have been able to get a few things done, however the amount of brain power that needs to go into this, in my point of view anyway, is able to be measured by the ton. Being called as a visitors' center sister makes me believe that I have a lot to learn, especially in MISSOURI. Let's think about it: we have the regular lessons from Preach My Gospel to learn, understand, and perfect; we have all the history of the church regarding Joseph Smith and the history to the restoration of this gospel; Pioneers, prosecutions, unbuilt temples; the Community of Christ church, or temple, whichever it is, is right across the street from the LDS Visitors' center and I'm sure I'll get questions regarding it; regional history like Jesse James or President Truman. The funny part is this: I really don't know anything. The only thing I have going for me is a testimony that won't get knocked down. I know Christ lives and loves us. That's basic. Good thing you always refer to basics.

It is January 23rd. I leave Oregon on February 28th. That gives me 36 days to learn and understand as much of this information as I possibly can in order to make this whole experience a little bit more easy-going. I still need some supplies and I have questions... hey you returned missionaries... where are you when I need you??

Oh yeah -I am leaving Oregon on February 28th because I have ancestors out of Salt Lake from my mom's mom's side. My mom and my grandmother wanted to go see Temple Square in SLC before I report down in Provo. As a sister missionary, I will be touring SLC and Temple Square for a day and a half. It's really cool, actually. We'll be able to go see the Tabernacle. For Christmas, my grandmother gave me this little charm which was off of her grandmother's charm bracelet. My mom and grandmother made it into a necklace for me. It's very valuable in many ways to our family and I have the honor and the responsibility to be able to wear it during my mission service.

On the plus side, travel arrangements are almost finished. We have appropriate flights to and from Salt Lake and a hotel to live at for a few nights. I will find out the time I am to report to the MTC in a couple weeks. I finally mailed in my driver's record to the mission office in hopes of me being able to drive while I'm out there. My mother was generous enough to buy my mission attire for me, although I still need shoes and a raincoat. Possibly a navy blue jacket, too. Did you know visitors' center sisters are required to wear a jacket at all times when on duty? Very professional. It's difficult finding jackets that I like, though.

Anyway, the work is being done so the work can be done. On this blog, I am slowly adding features relevant to my mission. Below the main photo at the top of the blog you can see a series of "tabs". Those tabs lead you to different pages within my blog for a little bit more information about what I'll be doing for 18 months. My addresses which you may (and are encouraged) to write to are on the sidebar to the right here. I provided some awesome links for if you would like to do any more research regarding the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Remember, you wouldn't learn how to plant a garden from a lumberjack. Go to the true sources to get true information and go from there.

I'll continue to keep this updated up until I leave. After that, it'll be up to friends and family members to update this for me with general letters I sent home. Thank you for sticking with me this far; you are amazing and I love you all... I really do.

Until next time!

Sister Moore

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First and Foremost

This is the beginning of a new journey. I am preparing myself as best I know how to and even then, I'm going to have to work my trash off just to prove to myself I can do this. Serving a mission was never in the agenda for my life, but I've come to be humbled and have learned that I don't always know what I want.

This is a journey for me. I am going as my duty to God and to the beautiful people of the Missouri Independence mission and I'm sure I will help bring good news to help change lives, but I feel that a large part of this sacrifice is for my family and myself. I cannot pinpoint the exactness; I probably will never be able to guess until the Lord sees fit. Nonetheless, I am going as a representative of Jesus Christ and I am going to become closer to that potential my Father in Heaven sees in me... and that, oh that, is one of the most important things. For if I don't reach my potential, how can I ever feel that I accomplished what I was sent here to do?

And yes, at this stage in the journey, I feel that this is a sacrifice. I have close friends and family to leave behind. I am in the middle of a degree at possibly one of the best schools in the world. I have dreams and aspirations to put on hold until I have reached a certain potential. This is not easy; it was not intended to be so. But I will trust in God.

In approximately 5.5 weeks, I will be reporting and starting a new chapter in this book I call my existence. Please, dear friends and family who read this, send me letters. Short, long; inform me of how you are doing and tell me that you are praying for me. For without you and your support, I would be weak and weary. I love you.

Sister Moore