MTC Information

Sister Moore will be trained in being the most effective missionary she could be by spending 4 weeks in the Provo Utah Missionary Training Center, also known as the "MTC". She will have a rigorous schedule from 6:30am all day every day until lights out at 10:30pm.

During this training, she would love to hear from people like YOU! This page is to give you information on how to contact her for those 4 weeks in Provo, Utah. Remember, she can't see you so please don't go visit.

For letters and packages:

Sister Victoria Karen Moore

MTC Mailbox # 162
MO-INDE 0330
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

There is also this wonderful creation called "". If you would rather not hand write and mail off a letter, you can type it up online, and send it to her. The letter will be printed out and delivered to her the very next day. Here's how!

Select "Provo MTC - FREE" from drop menu
Click "Write a Letter"
Fill out your information
Fill out her information:
Title: Sister | Name: Victoria Moore
MTC Box #: 162 | Mission code: MO-INDE | Departure Date: 0330
Write me a letter below!
Absolutely free while she's in the MTC
She receives the letter the next day (this will work until about March 29th)

You can use "" when she's in Missouri, too
Just create an account
Only costs postage for when she's in the field