Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30

I may start to sound like a broken record. Sister Dodd and I are
gearing up, along with the rest of the mission, for the cultural
celebration and the dedication of the Kansas City Missouri Temple!!!!
The Assistants and the mission President have been sending out a ton
of announcements to prepare for it. The plan is this: Elders wear
their dark suits, sisters wear dark colors. This will enable us to be
distinguished from the youth who will apparently be colorful. We are
to arrive at the Marriott hotel in Kansas City Saturday afternoon,
practice for an hour singing "We'll Bring the World his Truth" and
then leave to go to the event. Originally, they were going to have us
come back to our areas, including us in central Kansas, right after
the event which would leave us getting back into Wichita at midnight.
We discovered the other day that they are keeping all the missionaries
from the outskirts of Kansas in Kansas City for the night and will
watch the dedication from one of the stake centers there. We'll get
back to Hutch sometime Sunday evening.

I AM SO STOKED. The Open House ended on Saturday and while I don't
know the total statistics of everything, it was HUGE. So many went
through to see the temple and there are referrals for the missionaries
pouring out over the whole mission. A member from 4th ward sent me an
article about a episcopal female priest's experience going through the
temple, and many of leaders report that God does exist there. Wow. A
part member family from here in Hutch went and it softened the heart
of the mom so much, she finally came to church after fighting with her
returning husband for months, and not being religious since her
childhood. She actually came to church for the first 2 hours yesterday
and after the 2nd hour-- gospel principles which we taught--, she gets
up and tells us that she had been spending a lot of time with God. And
choking back tears, says she knows that this is where she needs to be.
We did nothing but love her. I love her SO much. She's an amazing
woman and I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father has answered the
prayers of her family and of the ward. She will hopefully be baptized
here shortly.

I keep imagining how 200+ strong of the Lord's Army singing for the
prophet will be a thrill of a lifetime. I already can't sing the song
without getting emotional... will I be able to sing at all up there!?
Lots of updates next week.

As missionaries in a full time car we get a limited amount of miles
that we can travel every month. This past month they gave us 400 extra
miles so we can get out to the rest of our area, since it covers
several small farming communities, not just Hutch. But we didn't know
about this until last week. So we traveled 518 miles this past week!!
I am tired of driving... haha. We still have to use 44 miles today
according to the zone leaders... we have no idea how we're going to do
that. Hopefully we'll get the same amount of miles next month so we
can space them out evenly. On our adventures outside of Hutch we met
several part member families. It's amazing the gold outside of Hutch.
We're slowly trying to get to know them and see how we can serve them.
This one couple are empty nesters and they own and manage a grain
elevator in a small town called Turon, KS. They were telling us all
about how that works and invited us back out when they start the
harvest the 1st week of June. Cool! If we're still here we'll be

Earlier this week we found a new family that we are teaching. We had
tracted her street several weeks before and kept coming back. The way
we met her was her 9 year old daughter was watching us, so I told
Sister Dodd to give her a pamphlet. She did and told the girl to call
us if she and her mom wanted us to come back. Later we get a call from
that girl saying something along the lines of "thank you for the
book... it's a really good book. You're really good people. God
bless". We went back to try and see her mom. After several attempts we
get a return appointment and went this past Tuesday. It was a crazy
lesson because of our team-up, but the spirit was there. Our member
asked her why she decided to let us come back. She starts, "Well, all
my neighbors are family. So they kept saying things like 'who are
those girls?' or 'Oh, they got you!!' But when they knocked on my door
and saw them, I couldn't just not answer. it was like Jesus standing
at the door! And I like talking to them". It was amazing. She knows
she needs the Lord in her life and wants to hear what we have to say.
It's her, her 16 year old son, 9 year old daughter, and 5 year old
daughter. A neat family. I love them so much already! Heavenly Father
truly does prepare his elect. And those with hears to ear will be able
to embrace and understand the beauty of the gospel. I'm so grateful to
be a missionary!

All is well here. No tornadoes. We had some HOT days in the 90's. I'm
so not ready for another humid summer. haha. The work must go on
though! Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

I know that Jesus is the Christ and that He lives. This is His
restored gospel in all it's glory, here to bless us as children of
God. I know families can be together forever through this gospel, and
that God loves us. Really... what else matters?

I love you all. Continue strong and keep moving forward. God blesses
us through the good and the bad.
Sister Moore

Monday, April 23, 2012


What has been happening with Sister Moore?! Miracles.
I have a list of things I want to write about... but not enough time.
Here are some highlights!

Christopher was baptized last Sunday due to the tornado warnings and
was confirmed yesterday. He said he feels on top of the world and it's
such a blessing to be here to see that! Nikkita, the 12 year old girl
who was just baptized last month, her mom is softening. Her dad had
been trying to get her mom, Dawn, to come to church for several
months. However, they made the 4 hour trip to the KC temple open house
and she told us that she feels that God is telling her to get into
gear. She was sick yesterday but said she'd come to church this coming
Sunday! Miracles! That family is on its way. I just LOVE that family.
They are so special.

We've been finding a lot of potentials and we are slowly working with
them to start teaching them. One lady on the street thought we were JW
and once she found out we were LDS, she opened up to us, started
crying at the concern for her son, and wants us to find a good role
model in the church for him. Another woman we found by giving her 9
year old daughter a pamphlet last month. We got a call from that girl
telling us "thank you", and so we went back to see if we could meet
her family. Several visits later, we get in and talk to the mom and
she started crying, how she needs to the Lord in her life and needs to
get back into the Bible. She wants us to come back and teach her
family, so we'll be there on Tuesday. The Lord is blessing us
tremendously. I'm so grateful for such a merciful, powerful, living

We were tracting and saw a lady in a wheelchair that had lost all her
limbs except her left arm, and we was trying to sweep her sidewalk. We
go up and ask to help her and we stay for the next 45 minutes doing
service in our skirts. She's letting us come back to do more yard work
and we're hoping to share a message with her too. We got a referrals
from headquarters (a missionary referral) who turns out to be a guy on
parole. So, that's fun. The ward will help there. We met a couple that
had gone to Temple Square years ago and when we walked in the door,
the wife had the Book of Mormon sitting next to her. She was diagnosed
with pancreatic cancer, but she wants us to come back and teach her.
Woo! An eternal investigator in Independence 4th ward finally took the
step to be baptized last Saturday!! I saw him at the Temple Open House
this past week and it was so amazing hearing about that. There were a
few protesters at the Open House. A lot of security guards were up. It
makes me sad that people come just to tear down others. You don't have
to agree, but I think you should at least be respectful. Oh well. At
district meeting, President and Sister Keyes showed up randomly to
interview us and give us Temple Dedication Recommends. So awesome!

Lots has been happening. We are busy. The Lord is blessing us. I
barely have time to write it all.

Oh, and get this - When we were talking to Sister Keyes, she said that
the mission song, all the names of the missionaries serving in the
mission at this time, and all the sisters that worked at the open
house will be put into the cornerstone of the temple during the
Dedication of the Temple. I'm going to be a part of the temple

I know this is the Lord's work and that He is in charge. I'm grateful
for this front row ticket that allows me to see the love of God for
His children. I know this gospel is true and it will bless us forever.
Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Moore

Monday, April 16, 2012

98 Tornadoes

98 tornadoes in Kansas and I'm still alive! Woohoo!
There were some major storm systems going through Oklahoma, Kansas,
and Nebraska on Saturday. All day we were on tornado watch and
warning. We didn't get into many homes because of it. And I really
wanted to see a funnel cloud! The mission would send out updates every
couple hours and we even had the mission president call us to make
sure we were safe. At one point he told us, "It's sure an exciting
time to be a mission president!" haha, I love President Keyes. The sad
part is Hutch didn't even get hit! And I say that not to want to be in
a storm, but I'd love to see a funnel cloud or something. No deaths
reported in Kansas. All the missionaries are safe. And we didn't even
have to run for shelter.

The Temple Open House this past week was grand like always!! I got to
pre-set the tours this time, so I would begin the tour with something
like, "Welcome to the Kansas City Temple Open House! My name is Sister
Moore and I have the grand opportunity of opening your tour today.
Your tour will last about a hour beginning with a short film that will
last about 12 minutes. At the conclusion of your tour, you will be
guided to a reception hall where there will be refreshments provided
for you. There will be comment cards like this one [hold up card] and
if you so desire, we would love to see what you thought of your
experience today. Also, there will be missionaries just like myself
with these black name tags that can answer any questions you may have.
We'll go ahead and start your video and we wish you a wonderful
experience today!" .... but in Sister Moore style. I had them laughing
and smiling and lighting up. They were so excited to see the temple!
And most of them were not members! I met some of the coolest people.
People would come up later when I was in the cultural hall and say,
"You have a name tag, I have questions!" And again, I taught about
baptisms for the dead, the plan of salvation, the sacred nature of the
family, and many other questions. I love teaching. I love testifying.

Because of the weather, our baptism that was scheduled for Saturday
was postponed until Sunday after church. Church in itself was amazing.
One of the stake high councilmen came and spoke about the Atonement.
So good. We taught Sunday School in Gospel Essentials about the
Priesthood and with the participation of the class was so powerful.
The Spirit was so strong. One of our investigators that usually just
follows his girlfriend around church actually came to this class and
went to Priesthood the 3rd hour for the first time ever! Miracles! In
Relief Society we learned about temples. Excellent. There was a
potluck after church. Delicious. Then the baptism. Because so many
stayed for the potluck there was a great support there for
Christopher. He was really nervous but he did great. He had asked a
brother that he works with to baptize him, who is a convert of about 5
years himself, and this was his first time doing a baptism. Both wives
were weeping when the ordinance took place. it was beautiful. As we
were talking with Christopher after the baptism, I asked him how he
felt. With a huge grin on his face and light in his eyes, he told me,
"I feel great!" I know this gospel is true. It has been restored.

Dinner tonight is with one of my favorite families. They are a hoot
and so loving at the same time. I want to be like them when I grow up!
But all is well! Transfers came and both Sister Dodd and I are still
in Hutch. Which is a huge blessing, because just like Odessa, I'm
falling in love with the people here. Funny how the people in your
life make all the different sometimes, eh? :)

I know the church is true. I know it brings lasting happiness in a
world of insecurity and uncertainty. I'm grateful to be serving my
King! Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Love Always,
Sister Moore

Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Day of my Life

I report to you all from Hutchinson, KS. I am so excited to write this
email because even though a week had passed since I last wrote, I
really only want to report on one day... Last Wednesday, the 4th, was
the best day of my life.

We did our regular morning schedule and were picked up by the senior
missionary couple serving in Pratt, KS. Together we drove 4 hours to
arrive in Liberty, MO about noon. Our meeting was scheduled at 1:45
pm. We went up to Liberty/Kansas City (KC) for the temple open house.
The sister missionaries in the mission have the grand blessing of
serving at the open house of the KC temple. All 43 of us sisters met
to be instructed by President Keyes, Sister Keyes, President Hardy
(the temple president), Elder Deschlur (spelling... area seventy), and
Elder William Walker (seventy, and temple executive director for the
whole church). In the last 3 weeks, we have been instructed and
visited by the missionary executive director and the temple executive
directer for the church. How awesome! They all spoke of the blessings
of the temple and what was really amazing was how Elder Walker told us
that we are the blessed few in all the world to be serving as
missionaries at this time in this mission. Only 2 temples in the whole
world are being dedicated this year; one being the KC temple. He said
that we have been hand chosen and called by a prophet of God to be
here. I was so humbled and grateful as he spoke. We are to be working
in the stake center right next door to the temple by introducing tours
to their host, or being at the end of the tour answering questions.
They told us that President Thomas S. Monson (Prophet), Elder Jeffrey
R. Holland (Quorum of the Twelve Apostles), Elder Rasband (Presidency
of Seventy), and Elder William Walker (Seventy and Temple Executive
Director) would all be coming out for the cultural celebration on 5
May and the actual dedication on 6 May. We would get to view the
dedication from stake centers all over the regional area. And when
Elder Evans, the missionary exe. director came to speak to us,
President Keyes announced that they would be bringing in missionaries
to march into the arena at the cultural event and sing "Bring the
World His Truth" for the prophet. However, he had also said that the
missionaries serving in central/western Kansas (which includes me
right now) would probably not be able to come because we are so far
away. At this meeting with Elder Walker, President Keyes made an
announcement. He said, "We have secured a bus for the missionaries
serving in the Wichita, Derby, and Salina Kansas stakes will be able
to join us at the cultural event", and sat back down. I was so full of
emotion that I started weeping as we sang that song. I was going to
accept the fact that I am serving where I am for a reason and that
there are limitations on things. But what a tender mercy to be able to
join the 240+ strong army of missionaries in the Missouri Independence
Mission and to sing our hearts out to the prophet of God.

The meeting ended and they took us through the temple to see it for
ourselves. It was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could show you all
the majesty of the House of God and have you feel the Spirit of God
going through that building. Even though it was not dedicated, it
still was a sacred place. And I knew without a doubt that God has a
plan for us and that He loves us.

One of my good friends was just called as the Assistant to the
President that day which is always exciting when your friends receive
special assignments and callings. I got to see him and his companion
later that night at the open house and it's always fun to see fellow
missionaries, especially those you serve with.

Since all of the sisters were there it was a joyous reunion. Sister
Porter sent me this photo that I attached of the senior couples that
gave rides, President & Sister Keyes, and all 43 sisters of the MIM. I
just LOVE these sisters! They are some of my long lost best friends!
It was so heartbreaking parting ways again, but I know that they are
my sisters in the Lord, and that we will meet again.

8 sisters were on shift at the Open House. All 8 of us were at the end
of the 45 minute tour to answer questions as guests enjoyed
refreshments in the cultural hall of the meetinghouse. I met so many
people not of our faith that were awe-struck by the beauty of the
temple. I got to answer questions about baptisms for the dead and why
we have temples. I testified that God has a plan for us and that we
are all a part of it. It was incredible! I was so drained by the end
of the night. It couldn't have been a better day in any way. We spent
the night with the Tubbs, a senior couple that works in the mission
office, and reported to the open house the next morning. That morning
was a little different, because while the open house only opened on
the 7th, last week were VIP tours for those that worked on the temple,
those that live within a mile radius of the temple, and for ministers
and whatnot of other faiths. We were told they didn't need us so we
visited the Historic Liberty Jail and the VC on our way back to Hutch.
I sure miss Independence, but it was good to be back and visit.

It was the best day of my life. I don't even know what else to report
on. Transfers are this week. I doubt I'll change but it's always a
little nerve racking!We have a baptism this Saturday which we are so
excited for! A part member couple is becoming whole! He has changed to
much and you can see the light he is developing from the gospel. Oh,
so much has happened. We are going down to Wichita today for zone
p-day. Easter was amazing. It was the ward's fast and testimony
meeting, and it was powerful. A man that has been less active for
years felt the spirit and got up to bear testimony of those things he
knew to be true. He changed in a moment as he felt how much God loves
him and his family. Our 11 year old investigator got up and said, "I
know this church is true, and I know that Jesus Christ, God the
Father, and the Holy Ghost will help me for the rest of my life". He's
a sincere kid, too! Smart. So many miracles.

I know this is the true church upon the face of the earth. I know that
the fulness of Jesus Christ's gospel was restore to Joseph Smith,
God's chosen prophet of this dispensation. I know that the temple is a
literal House of God and that within those walls miracles are
performed. Families can be together forever in joy. I know that true
hope comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and that is the true
meaning of Easter. I am grateful for the Resurrection, because I know
that I can go back to live with Heavenly Father one day... with my
family.What a merciful plan, what a perfect plan, what a miraculous
plan. God lives and loves us. And I know through Christ, I can be made

I love you all. Thank you for your support.
Sister Moore

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2

Things have been HOT here! It's been in the 80's all week and humid.
I'm sending home all my winter stuff and I sure hope I don't regret
it. This time last year it never got cold... Ha! I can say that I was
a missionary a year ago! Cool!

Let's see... what's new... it's been a crazy week. We moved out of the
members' house we were living in and moved into another. We are
literally 2 blocks from the church building so every morning we jog
over there and play basketball. I love it. I've got to start getting
into shape... it was sad to leave that family. We stopped by after
Conference to get pictures with them and they are so sweet. They were
telling us how when we left, they came home and it felt empty... not
safe... a certain feeling had left. I was grateful to hear that simply
because that tells me that we do have the Spirit with us, and people
can notice a difference. No wonder I always loved missionaries before
the mission. The family we are living with now is wonderful. He's in
the bishopric and he and his wife are retired, yet still very active
in the community. They have these two little dogs that are called
"Yorkipoos" I think. A cross between a yorkie and a poodle. They are
so cute! We live in the basement and have it to ourselves. It's nice.
They are always offering us food even though we store our own stuff
there. Too awesome.

Because of crazy circumstances, we were running around trying to get a
baptismal records filled out and needed three different parties to
sign it. We ended up going over to our recent converts' house, the 12
year old girl, and saw her family. She has just gotten the Gift of the
Holy Ghost in church on Sunday and when we stopped by, she said she
had an experience with it. She said she told her brother that he was
stupid, and she felt something inside her. It really made an impact on
her because before when he insulted her brother, which would happen a
lot, nothing happened. But this time, the Holy Ghost was telling her
that that wasn't the right thing to do. It was so cool to see her tell
us this and recognize that it was the Holy Ghost! The blessings of the
restored gospel are incredible. We just love her! :)

The family that we've been teaching is doing great. The boys are
thinking about being baptized in May. We went over last week to help
the mom fill in a ditch that was left from putting in a new waterline
to her garden. In 80* sun, we helped her fill in the hole and talked
for 2.5 hours. it felt SO good to work like that! I got burnt a bit
from that experience, too. She told us about her past with the church
and how she decided to come back. She had told us that it bugged her
when people would testify that they had this great relationship with
God and knew that He was there and answered prayers. For the longest
time, she never felt that or at least never recognized it. Through
certain events, she realized that she needed to come back, but she
told us she knew that that was God telling her that. She's such an
amazing woman. A hard worker, loves her family and treats them like
one should, and has a good head on her shoulders. We taught the kids
last Friday and it was fun. They get it. They love reading from the
scriptures and listening to what we have to say. I just love them.
Teaching them has probably been one of the best experiences on my
mission thus far.

This week we are going to the temple!!!! The Kansas City Missouri
Temple's open house begins Saturday, but we are going up Wednesday (4
hour drive) for a training meeting and then go on shift that evening
and next morning. There are some VIP tours happening before Saturday
for government people, large groups of other faiths, etc. That's what
we get to do! :) We won't be giving the tours of the temple, but
rather when people come to see the open house, they are first located
in the stake center (church meetinghouse) and are shown a 15 minute
video on why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints builds
temples. We are there as escorts. When they exit the actual temple,
they come back to the stake center, or some tent (I'm not sure how
they'll do it. Updates to come!) for refreshments and to talk to
missionaries (us!!) if they have any further questions. So I'll be at
one of those locations. I had to go out and buy nylons for the
occasion. It's such a blessing to participate in this! I know the
Spirit will be there abundantly. It'll be great to be home for a

Conference was incredible. I gained so much wisdom for my life and for
my investigators. If you didn't get a chance to see it, go to
It's right there waiting for you! :)

So all is well! I am slowing gaining a better grip of the area.
Transfers are in the middle of the open house so we're not sure what
will happen there. I'm just happy to be a missionary. :) I know this
church is Jesus Christ's only true and living church on the earth
today. I know the gospel has been restored. The Book of Mormon is the
word of God. We have a prophet on the earth today and I know that
President Thomas S. Monson is the Lord's chosen prophet today. What a
blessing it was to hear from him and other ordained servants of the
Lord. I know God lives and loves us, too. Jesus Christ stands at the
head of His church, and what a blessing it is to be a part of it. All
you need is to believe.

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Moore