Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 3, MTC

Hello there!
Well, another crazy week. So much happens that it's so hard and write it out in 25 minutes. I will tell you this though: I'm going to send home my schedule - the thing that has controlled my life for the next 3 weeks so you can see what I'm doing. Also, I printed out a few pictures. I can't do them electronically here at the MTC, so I'll be sending out a few pictures home, to the Claridges, and possibly Rexburg.
I don't even know where to start. This pilot program is amazing. Sister Jones and I have taught almost 20 lessons in the last 3 weeks, not including practice lessons with our zone. It's going great! In the TRC (teaching resource center) they give us those actors... we make them cry almost everytime. The spirit will be there whether it is true or fake. The lessons generally go for about 45 minutes. One of our last investigators named George had us everywhere, I think we covered every principle of the gospel in 75 minutes.... needless to say, we were late to lunch.
Last Tuesday, the sisters and I were eating lunch and the MTC president, President Brown, sat with us. He was quizzing us on scriptures and I passed! I got to talking to him about home and my family and get this... Dad, Mom, listen up: he offered to give you a personal tour and host you if you wanted to come down and tour the MTC. He said he'd so it personally. Remember President Clark from BYU-Idaho? President Brown is the man in charge of the MTC. I have his cell number and address which I'll send to you via snail mail, but he told me if you guys were ever able to make it down to Provo in the next year or two that he would honor that promise. Want to see first hand where I've been and what missionaries do? Take advantage! I also met the counselors of the MTC presidency personally... what a rush! Such wonderful men. :)
The last district last week left and I miss them a lot... those 8 elders were some of my best friends. I need to write them.... pictures of them will be coming. it's amazing how close our zone has become. the new Elders are awesome, too. We have 3 different elders from South Africa.... and one is white. They are so funny!
I received my travel plans to Missouri. I fly out of SLC at 9 something in the morning on March 30th. Only 9 more days in the MTC
Last Wednesday, my district got to play New Missionary Host. I took time out of my busy schedule and hosted a new sister from Mapleton, UT named Sister Wise. She's awesome. What an experience, too. About 101 new sisters came in this week. Relief Society on sunday is so great (the entire population of sister missionaries meets together).
To answer you're question, I'm eating alright. I'm sitting to the salad and wrap bar and venture out to other things every once in a while. I am sick of the food though to be honest. I was sure spoiled at home! And we get an hour 4 times a week to exercise, so I run and do ab workouts. I'm not gaining weight, but I'm not really losing it, either. All we do is eat and sit at the MTC!
Things have been better. after many prayers and lots of fasting, I have become very comforted by the Lord. I am to exercise my faith and patience and the promised blessings will come. It was a bit rocky here at first, but I'm able to focus much better now. Learning a ton. Like a comment I made a few weeks ago... my notebook is full of awesome things, but I don't remember a thing until I go back and study it. To all you students out there.... keep taking tons of notes! They will save you!
So, on Wednesday the 4 sisters move up to another floor in the classroom building to start visitor center training! The 3 Elders in our district leave tomorrow... it's crazy. We'll stay in the same branch. Also, it I heard this correctly, I will have another P-day this friday as the VC training schedule changes everything for me. So... maybe hear from my friday, too?
I received the package from home... I'm actually wearing the green skirt now. it's so nice to have a little color! Thank you so much, Family! I love you so much! the dove chocolate was a nice touch. I would not be against Henry sending me cookies.... :)
I'm glad Kyle and Sam were able to have some girls of their own to spend time with! I miss those boys! And that's so wonderful about Brother Rice! Wow! Please give him my regards. I'm so excited for him. I remember my own baptism... how incredible. I got the seminary students' letter from Kimberly... oh my goodness that made my week! I was going around to all the districts in my zone bascailly bragging at how awesome those students are. Loved the pictures! thank you for doing that for me, Kimberly. :)
I think this is all I have... oh, just a note, I am able to see the pictures you send and I can print them out, but they are poor quality and black and white. If you were to print them and send them snail mail, I'd get to look at them whenever I wanted and now just on P-days. :) Just a thought!
One day in class, Brother Hopper (one of 3 teachers) bore to us his testimony about an investigator that through his and his companion's diligencve, was baptized. He then challenged us to think about the plane ride home in 17 months, and ask ourselves... how to you want to feel? How do you want to remember your mission? Will you have regrets? That brought me into some deep thought and pondering. I am going to work my hardest, find as many people as I can, study everything I have time for, and be that charitable young women that can help others. I only get one shot at this. I am so, so grateeful for everyone's support. I constantly get letters in the mail (which I love hearing about everyone's lives. Please don't think you bore me... I love it unconditionally!), and the emails from home and from non-blood family give me that extra motivation to keep my head in the game. I pray for you all every day, throughout the day. I think about how blessed our family is going to be as we strive to come together and serve each other in love. i know it's hard to absorb, but my being here on my mission, soon to leave for Missouri, will bring us closer together than ever thought possible. I know that. Heavenly Father has been good to me. I love you all so dearly. More updates to come, I'm sure, as I start this next new adventure in VC training! Until next time!
Sister Moore

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  1. Hey Sister Moore, I found that you had this blog up. I want to keep reading how things are going! This is Lindsey, your buddy from New Testament. I wanted to let you know I am engaged! I will get married July 29th. I will keep checking up on you :)