Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 1; MTC

 I made it! I met the Elders at the curb and they got me into my residence hall. It's almost exactly like a college dorm room. There are 4 of us girls in the room. one is my companion, Sister Jones, from Mesa, AZ. She's a spiritual giant and beautiful inside and out. We are growing and learning together, and that includes becoming frustrated with ourselves. Did anyone ever mention how hard this is?! But even just the slightest desire always remains and starts to burn within me whenever an investigator even just asks a question. AMAZING.
And actually, we just moved into a different residence hall this morning because the first building is being reconstructed... or destroyed... I don't remember. it's nice. The same. The other two sisters in the room are also going to Missouri Independence and are Sisters Larson and Dood (not pronounced Dude). Sister Dood actually knows the Huppi's! The four of us and 3 other Elders whowill be going to Phoenix,AZ make up our district. Our zone has 2 other districts and we are all so close already. The Elders are hilarious. The "oldest" district actually leaves today and tomorrow and it's really sad. One of the Elders gave me his email to write him... haha! I love my new missionry friends.
So yeah! Our schedule is crazy hectic, too. Every minute of the day is planned out and we are expected to follow the schedule to exactness. And I'm able to do so, because I know that if I do, I will reap the rewards of the spirit and be able to become a more effective missionary. We spend a lot of time in the classroom, too. it's a small white room with a bunch of chairs and a board. We have 3 differetn teachers and two of those teachers act as investigators which we will be teaching throughout our stay here at the MTC. So, I received an email from Derek saying something about MDT. Well, we don't have that! Get this: out of all the districts here on campus, mine and a few others have been selected to be apart of this "pilot program". I'm not sure of the details of it, but we will be teaching a total of 22 lessons in the 3 weeks here. The last week I believe will be for the visitor's center training, but as that gets closer I'll have more information.
I'm definitely being humbled. I came into this thinking I knew a decent amount to get started, but as we started the learning the lessons, I realized I don't know anything! Nothing was connecting with what I already had in my brain and in my heart, and I became very frustrated with myself. I wrote to my Branch President (Pres. Myers, who is amazing) about it and talked to him. he helped a lot. I am my perky self again and smiling and laughing at the Elders and everything in between. That was about day 3... it's day 6 now. We had a testimony meeting as it was fast sunday here. Fasting two weeks in a row! Luckiest girl, right here! The testimonies of my zone are just unbelievable. The spirit here doesn't mean match anywhere near anywhere else (except the temple, of course). It even trumphs BYU-I. But know that as far as the classroom is going, I am not as overwhelmed as I thought I'd be and progressing ever so slowly as the Lord sees fit.
Also, I've decided that mail is the best thing ever. I know, really cliche MTC thing, but it's true. Written letters are always LOVED. And just so we're all aware, I am only allowed to write any kind of letter home, email or paper, on P-Days, which will be Monday while I'm here in the MTC. Others can email me, but I will only respond to Mom, Dad, and henry, because I truly am in need of these blessings from the Lord. I trust that He will take care of me as long as I do my part. One of these days, I'm going to sit down and write out exactly what I've learned, but I'll leave you with this for now: The Atonement of Christ is the center, the heart, of everything we do within this church. This church is simply an organization in order to bring God's will to the people here on earth, which is this gospel that is taught. I urge you to know this for yourself. Read the Book of Mormon, ask questions to the missionaries (make 'em work!), pray to God and he will answer. He lvoes us all, which is why he sent His son, to take away all of our sadness and sorrows. Any of them. All we are asked to do is turn to Him, Heavenly Father.
I love you. I think about you often, but I am glad I am here. I am as focused as I can be and I will continue to become more so as I heed the promptings of the Holy Ghost and more deeply understand this gospel of Jesus Christ. Until next week.
Sister Moore
(sorry for the typos... difficult keyboard.)

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