Thursday, June 16, 2011

Running out of time!

I'm running low on time today. It is one of the Zone Leaders' birthdays and we are going out to lunch as a zone. Party!
Things have been well. This is my last P-day of my 2nd transfer. I have passed off my lessons and can soon drive! Woo! Transfers will be Thursday, the 23rd. My P-day MIGHT change, so to friends and family that email please be aware. I'll show up in your inbox eventually.
Lots have happened... but due to time I will say this one thing. At the All-Mission Conference with Elder Nelson he shared how there was a mission president that didn't allow his missionaries to ask members for referrals, and was still out baptizing 3 other missions conbined. Remember that story? Sister Stoker and I thought we'd try that. We've been spending more time getting to know the members and doing lots of service. In return, we are getting comments like "There is this guy at work that I want you to go see" or "If I invite my neighbor over for lunch, can you come?" THe most recent was we got a voicemail on our phone last night. The man that left this message has told us of these two people who are less fortunate in temporal things right now and have been given a place to stay by this man and his wife. Well, the message on the phone said that these people "would like to be taught the lessons". Members are the best and VITAL to missionary work. I am a product of fellowship and look where I am now?
Also, a young couple came into the VC the other day. The guy just returned from a mission from Pocatello Idaho and was baptized 3 years ago. The girl was just baptized last December and both will be going to BYU-Idaho in the fall. Anyway, we made friends. I was just floored at their commitment to live the gospel and the changes in their lives. He was extremely antied before the Elders invited him to pray. That's all it took. She was dating a less active boy but would go to church with his parents. She was baptized only a month later.
Miracles happen every day. I am a witness to this.
I love you all. I apologize for the short message. Next time you hear from you I'll let you know if and where I was transferred. I love Independence 2nd ward. Good people.
Sister Moore

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