Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5th of July


I don't really have a weekly email this week. I don't have a ton of time. Well, okay I'll write a quick one.

We have had a CRAZY week. A lot of heartbreak this past week and testing of faith. We had this family taking the lessons and really enjoying them. We invited them on a church tour and things were going really well. When we were at the baptismal font, the spirit changed quickly as the head of the household made a comment that really threw us for a loop. He had been asking us questions about things he read when he googled Mormonism. Red flag right there... we're afraid he read some anti material and now won't even give this gospel a shot. Won't open the Book of Mormon, won't come to a church service... and what's even more heartbreaking was that his grandkids wanted to come to church. There's a sister visiting this ward this week that served here when she was on her mission. She had asked me what my favorite part of the mission is. The cliche and honest answer is seeing people change by studying the gospel. Awesome. She also asked what my least favorite part of the mission is. I responded, "seeing people progress and then seeing them not accept the gospel". There is absolutely nothing more heartbreaking. However, we have another investigator, part of a part-member family, who is just on fire. On Sunday he came and for the first time, he CHOSE to stay for all 3 hours. He's never done that before. He comes up to me to tell me what he read in the Book of Mormon. He made a comment that during all of the testimonies, he was really moved. He said he finally felt the spirit. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So, in one week (more like a couple days now that I think about it...), I experienced the best and hardest part of being a missionary.

On July 1st, there was a birthday celebration for a young man who passed away a year ago. His family has gone through a lot, and yet are still one of the strongest, happiness, most hopeful families I have met. They put out this birthday idea through facebook and text, and had a huge turnout. For those of you that have seen Tangled, there are floating lanterns. We lit and set off floating lanterns. They are big! As soon as it turned dark, we had to leave... haha, but as we were driving away, we saw dozens and dozens of floating lanterns going up into the night sky with people scattered throughout the park singing "Happy Birthday". What's even more touching was that this young man that passed away, his brother and his wife were pregnant due the 6th. The baby was born on July 1st, healthy and happy. They named him after the decreased brother. I never had a chance to meet this young man, but he and his family had changed my view on life. Heavenly Father's plan is perfect. We know exactly where our loved ones go after they leave this earth. They are still here with us. They are cheering us on. They support us in our righteous doings. I know where my grandfather and cousin are. I know where my classmate is. I know where my friends are.

For the 4th, we had a BBQ at the home of a part-member family. We chatted with that visiting sister missionary and her friends and met several amazing people. No matter where we go, their are amazing individuals that you knew before here. The fact that these people look familiar testifies of that to me.

I'm sorry I don't have more to share. I didn't write yesterday because all the public libraries were closed on the 4th. Because today is still a proselyting day I don't have time to write my little heart out, haha. :) Please know that I love each and every one of you. I know that you love me and I am so grateful for that. I need it. I pray for you every night and I know you are right along with me in this work. 

Never forget who you are. Never forget you are a child of God.

1 John 4:19

Love Always,
Sister Moore

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

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