Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 13

Good morning family,
P-days have been changed to Tuesdays now, for at least the next 6 weeks. Transfers have come and gone. I saw Sisters Nelson, Lund, Cleveland, and Clark go home and I felt a little part of me go with them. It's amazing the connections and relationships you create with those you serve with. I feel like my family is leaving. I got to see other missionary friends and it's always a beautiful reunion. I am still in the Independence 4th ward, and the Lord has called me to train a new missionary again. I am currently serving with Sister Porter from Syracuse, UT. We have 3 new missionaries in the VC, 2 at the Jail, and 1 full-pros. And I'm so impressed. We follow a new training program that lasts for 12 weeks and almost everything is very detailed and outlined for us to follow. I'm learning a lot from these new missionaries - so full of fire and determination.
We were able to perform the 12 Days of Christmas as a zone last Wednesday and it was a big hit. When I get a flashdrive I will get that performance. We've had a successful week, too. We are starting to teach a lot more lessons as we are "going back" to the basics of Preach My Gospel in the mission. Apparently a lot of things were not in line with PMG and going back makes things easier. One of our investigators in particular is progressing greatly and it times like these that really make the work worth while. Knowing that there are people out there being prepared, and it's our job to go find them. That means missionaries and members a like. Angels are preparing them. Alma 24:13. he came to church and he was able to meet President Keyes (which was random... he's never in our ward) and many other ward members. We went over again yesterday and he started talking about the Spirit. He's noticing a change and it likes it enough to stay with it. He feels the difference.  I have such a testimony of this gospel. Our purpose here in life is to prepare to meet God again one day by using the Atonement. We use the Atonement by living the teachings of the gospel every day. When we do so, we feel the Spirit, which is the greatest blessing. I can feel God's love. I can feel how much my Savior love's me. And I know this is real and true.
I feel like I have a lot more to share but I can't remember much any more... mission brain. We have Zone Conference tomorrow and I am stoked. It's that spiritual boost that I gets us through the next 3 months. I was talking to someone the other day and they were sharing with me what they expect from their mission and why they came. It was different than I expected, and so I started thinking about it for myself. I remember not wanting to come on a mission, but that was fear and ignorance. Although I've only been out for a little bit, and I have a long way to go, but I look back to see where I've been and know that I have come far. The greatest thing that I have learned from my mission is this: I have come to truly know my Savior. I see his hand in my life. I feel his love for me in every moment. I know that I have a purpose and that I am never alone. It's in knowing who our Savior is that peace and joy and lights radiates. I love this gospel. We are able to have spiritual experiences every single day as we turn to him and put all other matters behind. I know that my Redeemer lives. And I can feel his love.
This time of year we can remember our Savior's birth. What a blessing to remember and to partake of that spirit. Always remember that Christmas is not about marketing. It is not about gifts. It is not about food. But rather, the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ. He lives, and loves us. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Victoria Moore

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