Monday, December 5, 2011


It's December already... I can't believe this. Last night's Christmas devotional was so beautiful. I have discovered that I have such a deep desire to go to temple square. The spirit that seems to be there is intoxicating. Good thing I have the VC here. I can't get enough of the spirit. On Friday we had district meeting and I was asked to give a short training on the gift of the Holy Ghost. I don't remember what I shared, but I do know the DL asked me to share in my words my experience with not having the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was interesting to look back on and think about 3 years ago I didn't have what I do now. It's hard to describe to others at times I've noticed, because it has become so much more magnified in my life as a missionary. Sister Blackham and I were waiting for a ride the other day and I blurted out, "I think going home will be fine in the aspect of going back to real life - adapting physically won't be that much of a hassle, but I think losing the mantel and spirit that you have as a missionary is the most shocking difference". I love the spirit. I love that foretaste of heaven. I love that Heavenly Father gives us even this little taste. And we can have that with us all the time after authorized baptism and confirmation...The church is true.
Anyway, things have been great in Independence! it's starting to get cold. No snow ot anything, but there are always frost on the cars every morning when we go do morning sports. This morning was fun; we as a zone as performing at a stake dinner on Wednesday night this week and have been asked to give two performances. One is we are all singing the First Noel. The second is we are performing an original version of the 12 Days of Christmas. "On the first day of Christmas, my mother sent to me...."
1) Black socks and her famous cookies
2) Two cardigans
3) Dr. Scholl's insoles
4) Four winter scarves
5) Five MoTab CDs
6) Six Family Photos
7) A big bag of candy
8) Eight polyester ties
9) A fancy furry hat
10) Ten enchiladas (look! My mom sent me enchiladas on dry ice! hahahahaha. it's cute)
11) A set of scripture pencils
12) "...the greatest gift of all, A PHONE CALL FROM MY MOM"
Sister Sawyer and myself wrote this and have organized everything with the willing help of the zone. There are skits to go along with each day, hense the enchiladas on dry ice, and each missionary has gotten into the spirit of it. Two assistants were called to replace Elder Lesuma, so for a transfer we're going to have 3 assistants. They got in a few days ago to the zone and have already jumped right into the madness. Such great elders! So pateince with the crazy sisters... ha. We're going to record it and I'll try to send it home. It's a long story... but I lost my jump drive. Luckily I had just sent it home so all the pictures on it are at home but I will have to go get another one so I can send that one home with the video on it. it's way cute... we practiced it this morning and will tomorrow morning as well.
Transfer calls tomorrow. So just as a warning, since I'm at the VC and it's transfers, I might not email on Monday. P-day might change. So just be warned. I'm excited. There are 6 brand new VC sisters coming in and Sister Jones is coming back!! yay!
The KC temple has announced that they should be done with it on March 1st! They will inspect it for a month and then have an open house in April. We're really excited to see that happen. it's such a blessing to have a House of the Lord so close and within the mission boundaries. We already are serving in Zion. The temple is just the icing on the cake. :) it's Sister Nelson's last P-day (I might cry) so we're going to go make sure she has a blast. One thing I love about the Independence zone and Monday P-days... we have 14 missionaries to hang out with and play sports with. These people are some of my best friends. it's absolutely incredible how close you get with those you serve. The gospel's true.
One of our ward missionaries asked us last night what our favorite scripture was. Sicne the beginning of my mission I have not been able to answer this question. However, I think one that is applied most in my life right now is 2 Timothy 1:7. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of love, and of power, and of a sound mind. This gospel is true. The Spirit is real. Christ lives. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Victoria Moore

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