Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19


I write to you today from a place full of miracles and potential. I
have realized that Hutch is a wonderful place. I have realized that
the Lord works out here, too, even in the middle of Kansas! Sometimes
Sister Dodd and I joke that we got called to serve in the middle of
Kansas... but in reality, it's a blessing. There is work to be done
here, too. And a lot of it at that!

This last week was kind of not all that exciting. I last wrote on
Tuesday. Wednesday was an alright day. Thursday we saw a lot of
success in our work. We tok this walk around a block as out
appointment wasn't home. We had been low on miles so we decided, since
it was 70* and beautiful, to take a walk and talk to people along the
way. We talked to a couple who weren't interested but nice. We knocked
on a door and he was a very kind gentleman. He heard us out, but
politely declined. We asked for a referrals. He gave us his neighbor
who was a young family, had been going to a church but stopped. We
knocked on that door. The husband was busy but asked us to come back.
How cool! Referral received, referral contacted! We continued our
walk. Ran into our part member family. Talked about her baptism.
Continued walking. Turned the corner to our car and saw our canceled
appointment walking to work. She said to come back at a certain time.
When we turned the corner, we both thought "seriously?" It was so
cool! The rest of the day was great. Friday morning, our sickness that
we had been carrying for a few days was bad so I called the mission
nurse. She said we had a virus and that we couldn't go out and work or
our bodies couldn't heal themselves. She said to cancel all our
appointments and to stay in until church on Sunday. I almost cried. I
was feeling terrible to begin with, but we had something like 8
appointments in the next 2 days. We were stubborn and didn't cancel
our part member family appointment... one of my favorite families
ever, but all of the other fell through anyway. All of them called and
rescheduled. Thank you, Heavenly Father! We are back on our feet and
all is well. During those two days I think we watched all of the
church videos we had available to us. I watched a lot about the
Doctrine and Covenants and read a lot about the D&C, too. Church
history is so fascinating. You can see our there is no such thing as
righteous pride as leaders were not submissive to the prophet and that
8 of the original 12 Apostles apostatized from the church. Only 4 came
back. Be submissive to your church leaders. They are called of God.

At the one lesson with this family, the Ramey family, they have the 4
young kids that are just a blast. We fall on the floor laughing every
time. Once we sat down to eat dinner, the youngest, a girl, runs to
her room and brings back a container with something black and liquid
in it. The mom takes it and examines it. She announces to her husband
and says, "I think these are the olives I had in the fridge last
week". The youngest boy then says, "Yeah, Eva takes things all the
time. Once I was eating a cucumber and she took it from me. I haven't
seen it since". The mom then continues her daughter's passion of
taking things. "One night I peaked in to say goodnight to John, and I
could actually open the door! There was a floor! I asked John when he
cleaned and he said... 'I don't remember'". She continues saying, "A
couple days later, I am looking for John's backpack and look in Eva's
closet. As I open the doors, all of the things that were on John's
floor were shoved into her closet, including his backpack". Oh my
goodness, it was just the funniest thing ever. I love kids!! We are
going back there tomorrow to help dig a ditch for a waterline. I get
to wear jeans! Woo! I'm excited to do some good ol' farm work again.
Oddly enough, I miss it. We usually do our lessons with this family
every Friday night. This coming Friday his parents are going to be in
town, so Sister Ramey says, "We'll probably just wait to have the
lesson next week, but why don't you girls come up for dinner anyway,
and you can meet the outlaws!" Hahahaha. I love her.

So anyway, things are good. We have a baptism coming up on Saturday.
Then General Conference (I'M SO EXCITED), then the temple open house,
then transfers, then temple open house, then another baptism, then the
temple open house again, then hopefully another baptism... and then I
don't know what's happening. Needless to say, we are going to be busy.
We're excited. Hutch is full of miracles with a lot of work to be
done. What a blessing it is to work.

It's good to hear from everyone! Derek, thank you. Kyle, I'm so
excited for you! Will & Kimberly, thanks for the updates and I wish
you well in your new calling. :) Familia, it's always good to hear
from you. :) I love you all and am grateful for you in my life. My
life would be null and void without the people I love. Thank you for
allowing me in your life. I wish you the best! Oh, and if Sarah M. is
reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEKEND! And to Chelsie on the 25th!

I know the church is true. I know that this church has been restored
and is lead and guided by Christ Himself through living prophets and
apostles. The Book of Mormon has answers to all of life's questions,
no matter how small or large. It is God's work. My testimony has grown
so much since last year. And I'm grateful for it. Always remember that
you are loved by so many. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Sister Moore

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