Monday, August 15, 2011

15 August

This week has been interesting to say the least! I don't remember much that has gone on. Last Sunday we had an investigator at church who was just eating up the gospel. having spiritual experiences left and right at church and in the scriptures, and wanted to get baptized soon! We were so excited! Then... she ran out of minutes on her phone and we have no way to contact her. One reason why I really don't like technology sometimes. We are praying that she calls us because she has our number. Dang... it's rough sometimes. But, we did have an investigator set a date for baptism. That was a HUGE step for him. We're fasting and praying for him. We know how much this will bless his life.

Things at home have been crazy form what I hear. People getting married (Congratulations Brother and Sister Anderson!!!! :), people getting pregnant, people serving missions, people graduating school, people getting jobs, people partying,... okay so I ran out of cool things to say. Partying is always fun. If you're not having fun in life you're doing it wrong. ;) It's great to hear from everyone.

Funny story... we had a dinner appointment last night who have 4 kids from ages 12 to 5. The oldest almost choked on chocolate syrup, and the youngest got his tooth kicked out by his sister all in 20 minutes. They are so funny! I love that family! They act like what we would define "an old married couple". I will never forget when Elder Seppi said that about me and a good friend 3.5 years ago. SO FUNNY! What ever happened to Seppi? Anyone know? And Mr. Huppi... you owe me correspondence. Don't make me disown you. ;)

We were out tracting and knocking doors and we ran into this RLDS lady. She was telling us she doesn't believe that women can hold the priesthood (YEAH!) and how she really appreciates what we do. We ended up talking to her about the sacrament and covenants. Who knows what might come out of that. We meet some of the most random, awesome people out here. The world is full of amazing people and we are missing golden opportunities in learning from them.

Scary thought... my release date is a year from today. Where in the world is my mission going...

And because I'm always good for a thought about my studies, I will share what I have been thinking about this past week. I have been trying to study deeper into the Sacrament and then even more about Eternal life, exaltation, spirit world, etc. As I pondered on these matters, I made a lot of parallels in life to the gospel. Which makes perfect sense. I know some of you are going to be going "Duh, Sister Moore." As I read about the Judgment Day, it tells that we will be judged according to our works and the desires of our hearts. In Relevations it tells that we will be judged out of the books, both on earth and in heaven. Cool to think we have our life recorded in heaven. Also, in Romans 2:15, it describes how we will be stand as our own witness, able to recite and describe everything we did in this life from memory. I thought of something... and this is not doctrine, just my own thoughts... but they say that we only use 10% of our brains, for whatever reason. Maybe the other 90% is the memory of our life that we will one day stand accountable for in front of Christ? I think that's so cool! Take it for what it's worth... I also read that in the Spirit World (which is all around us according to latter-day revelation) that the church is organized and that Priesthood holders will go right to work after they pass over. That... is cool.

God is a god of order. Everything must be done in order for otherwise there would be chaos. That is what I think the Christian world forgets. Think about it in our everyday lives. Our country has a President. A Vice President. Other areas of leadership and laws so we can be safe and successful as a nation and in our communities. In marriage, it is not valid until it is legally documented and signed by one having authority. Everything in this world witnesses that there is a God. We have laws in our lives that we must follow otherwise there are consequences. Why would God be any different? These traditions have been passed down by our ancestors because they work. They got it from God. The church was organized when Christ came. Like I shared in marriage, it's not valid unless signed by someone with that proper authority. We are asked to follow Jesus Christ to be blessed and rewarded spiritually, including living with our families together forever. We can't have those things until we do those things we are asked to. Like baptism... by proper authority. Or being sealed as a husband and wife and family... by proper authority. We don't get tax benefits from marriage until it's official. ;)

Yes, God is merciful. But He is also a God of order and justice. If justice was not served, God's words (Bible, Book of Mormon, prophets, etc) wouldn't be valid. We aren't just going to be rewarded for being God's children. We have to act on it. We have to receive ordinances by the proper authority of God... found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, because the keys were restored to the prophet Joseph Smith.

Through the blessings and sanctifying power of the Holy Ghost, I know that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet of our living God. That Jesus Christ restored His church through the prophet to bless our lives now. I know that the priesthood is real and that the work we do, the ordinances that we perform, are valid and please our Father in Heaven.

I LOVE my mission. I LOVE Missouri. The skies go on forever out here. Here's a couple pictures from this past week. I know that I am apart of God's true and living church. I know that I am helping in His work. I know I'm where I'm supposed to be.

Sister Moore

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

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