Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29

Hola Friends and Family,

Things have been going well. We had interviews and a specialty training on Friday and that was awesome. The zone got together and we are so close as a zone I just love it. However, Sister T and I are the only sisters so in that aspect it's a little odd. We are also the only converts. I thought that was cool. The Assistants gave a training on organizing the area book and ward roster. Very tedious and I've discovered the paper work is my least favorite part of missionary work. However, it is inspired and helps the work progress. The Assistants sure know what they're doing, too. We went to go visit an "unknown" on our ward roster and it turned into us finding a part-member family. The dad fell away from the church at 18 and never had his own conversion. However, the kids want to learn about church (11, 9, & 8) and the mom is open to us teaching them and coming along with them. The dad is okay, too. We will be praying and fasting for them so they can become an eternal family one day. Neatest people, too.

During the training, President Keyes said we'd most likely start to stay in areas longer. They used to move the missionaries around a lot, but I think I'll be staying in Odessa for a while, which I'm perfectly fine with. They are becoming apart of my family. I love this ward!

We were trying to contact another less-active member and when she wasn't home, we knew we were supposed to be there so we started knocking on doors. We found this awesome lady and tried to go back at a later date when she wasn't home. Back to tracting again. Then, we hear a "hey girls!" and as I turn my head, I see an older lady sitting on the grass with a black retriever waving for us to come over. We taught her the restoration and made a connection with her. Miracles happen every day, even when you're not a missionary.

Things have been great. I'm starting to really get to know my companion. On our way home we had a 30 minute drive. In the dark, on the road, we just talked about TV shows and movies we saw before our missions. She may be from Bulgaria, but she has seen more movies from America than I have in my whole life. It was refreshing to just strengthen that connection. I love that.

The church is true! I will live it forever! A lot of people say they would die for Christ, but it's even harder to live for it. I'm grateful for the sacred trust of being called as a servant of the Lord to bring the truth to the people of the Missouri Independence Mission. Someone brought up how going home will be more painful than coming out here... I can't even imagine. But that's ok... I have 1.5 years left! ;) Or that's what I'm telling myself.

I love you all. Thank you for your constant support. I feel your prayers strengthening my companion and me. There are angels here. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Love Always,
Sister Moore

D&C 115:4-6  - Arise and shine forth

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