Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 8

So, I made a profile! I can do that as a missionary! :) it's still a work in progress.

Things have been crazy. Transfers was last Thursday and Sister Larson left us. It's just Sister Tafradzhieva and myself here in Odessa. It was pretty overwhelming at first, but the ward has been supporting us and the Lord has been blessing us. Especially with referrals and people to teach.

Last Sunday, the 31st, we received a phone call from a LA member who won't even let missionaries in the house. Her husband was investigating at one point but that was a while ago. Anyway, this lady calls and says, "My husband is interested in taking the discussion and possibly being baptized. Would that be possible?"

??!!!?!?! Of course it would be possible! We ended up seeing them and they are a really awesome young couple. Another phone call came Monday evening, the 1st, from a member who is just getting back on his feet. His girlfriend was interested in learning more. So we go down there and start talking. She's been raised Seven-Day Adventist, had a lot of questions or concerns that she hasn't been able to find answers to. However, the member told her that he will only get married in the temple, which sparked her interest. She loved the idea of families being sealed forever. When we got there, she told us how she rented a Book of Mormon from the library and read 30 pages or so before we got there. We shared the first discussion with her and she loved everything we shared with her. Before we could invite her to read from the Book of Mormon, she asked for reading assignments... and she kept asking. We ended up giving her several of our favorite chapters and left. She asked us to come back 2 days later where we find out she had read EVERYTHING we gave her and then some, taking notes in a notebook and markings in the actual scriptures. She shared what seemed like a dozen favorite scriptures and why she could relate to them. Discussed lesson 2 about the Plan of Salvation and about the Word of Wisdom. She loved it. Asked about church, said she'd go find church clothes, and showed up to church yesterday 1/5 hours early. She is just unreal and I just LOVE her!

We found this guy who's next door neighbors to our EQ president. He has some awesome Italian last name and he's a real family man. He wasn't way interested at first, but as we started telling him about the application of the gospel in the Book of Mormon and how Nephi is in the wilderness, his bow breaks, and he has to follow his faith and the spirit to find a solution, he sparked right up! That was AWESOME just seeing that interest appear in his eyes. The Holy Ghost making contact with his spirit... best thing ever!!

On Sunday our Bishop spoke.. again... but this time in a combined meeting. It was hard to take notes... again. He felt that this was something that needed to be addressed. he spoke about Priesthood. The Priesthood is inseparably connected with the family. I liked what he said next... Women are the power behind the priesthood. I have the influence on the priesthood holders around me. I am the influence for them to progress. if I am neglected, the priesthood will lose great power. A wife is to support her husband is his duty in the Kingdom of God. And if husband's don't treat their wives with the respect and love they deserve, the priesthood is taken from them. There would be no power. He just went on to talk to the Fathers that they have the power of the priesthood directly from the Lord to protect their families. All that stands between the adversary's mischief and us is the Priesthood. The priesthood is important and here for our benefit. Use it. Understand it. If ever in doubt of "abusing" that power, heir on the side of generosity. It was something that I really enjoyed and have been studying about for a while now.

It finally cooled down in Missouri! There was a storm that came through and blew down a ton of branches throughout the neighborhoods. Last weekend there was something called "Puddle Jumper Days" which was basically the Fall Festival for Odessa. We walked through it on our way to a potential and saw some other potentials! One got a job with the local police and I'm so grateful that we saw him again because we didn't really have any information. The Lord will provide a way and he will find the gospel when it is his time. I'm really being tested to trust the Lord lately. It's something that takes a lot of faith. But I'm grateful for my trials. I'm grateful for the person Heavenly Father is shaping me into. I'm grateful to be a missionary.

The Lord is very aware of his people. He is aware of the covenants that we make and he will bless us for our faithfulness. I'm grateful to be apart of the Lord's true and living church where these blessings and understanding is secure.

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Love Always,
Sister Moore

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