Monday, November 28, 2011


Talofa! (That's hello in Samoan)
It is been a glorious week in Independence! We are emailing a little late this morning due to the fact that we saw a miracle! We always do laundry before coming and emailing. Today, there was this man talking on his cell phone and I remember thinking that we needed to talk to him. It was very discret but it was the spirit. I finished loading my laundry into the dryer, sat down with Sister Blackham and we started reading from the Strength of Youth. I said a prayer in my heart, asking Heavenly Father to bring him to us. Not even 10 minutes later, he walks up to us, stares at my badge, and asks, "Are you from the Mormon church?" I cheerfully replied, "yes, yes we are!" Turns out, he's seen missionaries at the laundry mat for weeks now. He's talked to our district leader and one of our sisters at the VC and said that the Elders wanted to come over and teach him but he's been so busy. We taught him a little about church and the peace from Christ's gospel. Invited him to the VC, and he accepted. Bam, new investigator on P-day. Heavenly Father heard my prayer. That is what I find so incredible. Brothers and sisters, all we need to do for opportunities to share the gospel is to pray. He will bless us, and in return we are able to bless others' lives. The gospel is true!
So, good morning. Thanksgiving was great. The VC was open until 4 pm on Thursday and yeah, Thanksgiving week has actually been the busiest week for a while. Everyone is in town with families and they want a spiritual upliftment. We had two dinners... and I'm still full. It was 70* on Thanksgiving day. Today it is 40*, and the high is maybe 44 I think. I've just had a really good week. We've made some changes in the way we are spending our time and slowly but surely we're seeing fruits. We've wanted to get the ward mroe involved for a while, so we're focusing on getting to know the ward ASAP and asking them for referrals and inviting them to share the gospel with their friends and neighbors. They are awesome.
I've made the decision that I want to get married in the Salt Lake City Temple. This may come to some of you as a shock... and I really don't actually know where, when, and if that day will come. But we did watch a movie called "Mountain of the Lord" about the saints building the SLC temple. The sacrifice that went into the temple just hit home, not to mention we have pioneers ancestors. Sacrifice makes things sacred, and that temple symbolizes that. I'm learning that prayer is the key to everything. When our relationship with our Father in Heaven is strong, everything else falls into it's proper place. I'm a witness to that. A man stands his standest when he is on his knees.
We had a great district meeting last week. Our District Leader, Elder Masters, is such a stellar Elder. He's on his 4th transfer and is already a DL and training. Plus, he's always supporting his district and always has new ideas to further the work. At DM, he led us into the gym at the stake center and put 2 companionships on one side and the other 2 on the opposite side. He said that 2 of the companionships were to street contact these volunteers that he was about to go get and then teach to their needs and invite them to church. Ok, awesome. I got paired with Sister Nelson and as we waited we suddenly see Elder Masters and his trainee walk in in jeans, sunglasses, and Guns & Roses T-shirt. Uh.... we get up and go do what we're asked. The spirit was there that day. I felt the spirit work through me as I asked questions, loved this child of God, and invited him to repent. I can't even fathom the miracles that happen to us as missionaries. I wish I could describe how incredible this is to you all. After this experience, we gathered in the chapel. Elder Masters read from John 13 and 14. As he was describing that, my eye caught hold of a verse. John 14:18 - "I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you." This life brings challenges in so many shapes and sizes. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only element that will destroy the hatred that exists among people. Here is the promise. He loves us.
The day just got better. President and Sister Keyes came in with 18 of the family members from Utah. I got to take them on tour. I was so spiritually drained on Friday, my eyes are still bloodshot. It was awesome! On Saturday, the VC had a Lighting Ceremony to kick off the Christmas season. Sister Keyes came up to me and said, "My granddaughter got home last night and announced, 'I've decided that I want to go on a mission! I want to be just like Sister Moore!'" My heart just melted. That girl was 13. I know my efforts aren't in vain.
A lot of other things have been happening and the blessings are here. A new Assistant to the President will be called tomorrow as Elder Lesuma is going home, and then December 8th is transfers, again. I feel like we JUST did those. So many changes happening... so many new sisters coming into the VC... I'm excited!
I love my Savior. I'm starting to understand the Atonement. I'm starting to realize the blessings. I'm starting to realize there is still SO much to learn and experience. That's why we're not supposed to be idle; we're missing out on blessings! I have a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It is here in it's fulness to give us a pathway home to Heavenly Father. The peace and joy from the Spirit is real. The authority is real. It's here for us. Joseph Smith truly was God's chosen prophet to restore the gospel. Open your hearts to receive these blessings! Help the missionaries wherever you are. Invite your friends to church. To Acitivities. To see the church building on a church tour. To read the Book of Mormon. To do family history work. To go to the VC. To pray. The missionaries are great tools for you to use. How great your joy shall be...
I love you all. Thank you for your support and love. I pray for you every day and am grateful that you have given me an opportunity to experience this. I can't believe I almost didn't come... Jesus Christ is my Savior. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is his church. And I am his servant. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Moore
P.S. The pictures are random. Mostly of Sisters Blackham, Nelson, & Rupper at the VC.

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