Thursday, January 26, 2012

All is well in Missourah

Greetings friends and family,
All is well in Missourah. Transfers have come and gone. I was able to see lots of good friends and welcome in 4 new sisters to the VC. Sister Porter and I have stayed together in 4th ward and we're excited about that! We had Sarah's baptism on Friday and it was beautiful. She's such a stellar example to me. And I think she might be reading this right now... Hi Sarah! :) The weather is bi-polar but no snow to be seen. Dad sent photos of the massive snow storm out in Oregon. It's beautiful! But I'm grateful I don't have to deal with it right now. We went out to dinner with a family in the ward for Taco Tuesday. This local restuarant by the courthouse in Independence has tacos really cheap on Tuesdays... it was a great meal.
The Kansas City Open House has been announced. April 7-21 will be the open house. May 5 will be a cultural celebration, and May 6 will be the actual dedication for the temple. And we, the sister missionaries, get to take part in that. How neat!!
I've learned a lot of things lately. In my studies this morning I read the words of Abinadi found in Mosiah. He told of a redemption through Christ. We need to either use Christ's Atonement or we are subject to Satan. Isn't that intense? If we don't follow Christ, Satan has hold on us. We will be resurrected to stand before Christ one day and we will be judged. If we aren't ready, we won't get to go on and live with our families. I started thinking about that. It's a really intense teaching, but it's true and we can apply it to ourselves right now. Where do we stand? Are we living the gospel and using the Atonement in our daily lives? What evidence do we have of seeing such a change? How have we changed to become better people? That's what I love about this gospel. It's not just a religion. It's not just for us to be a part of and feel good about ourselves because we went to church on Sunday. It's real life. We are God's children living on the earth and our purpose and duty is to learn more about Christ, follow his example, and become better people. It's a daily endevour. I have seen so much change in my loved ones around me, both home and here, because they are listening to the good word of the shepherd. Where do you stand, brothers and sisters?
Lately in our training program, I've been trying to help Sister Porter rely on the Spirit and recognize it in her daily life. On Sunday, we finished church and our meetings and were driving back to the VC. We ate, went over our plans, and had to decide if we should study for the training program or go out into our area for an hour. We knelt down and prayed. I felt like we should stay and study. She said let's go into our area. I thought about it and we made the decision to go out into our area. As soon as we did that, we walked out and saw the most intense lightning storm with rain coming down so thick it was difficult to see. We run to the car and start to drive to our area. I felt heavy. I felt constrained. I told Sister Porter that I didn't feel right about going out into the area. I pulled over and we sat there thinking. She said she's trying to decipher what she's feeling. I said let's say a prayer and ask, and then listen. The thought came to my mind "open the scriptures". We prayed, and I grabbed her triple (Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price) and she grabbed her Bible. The thought "Bible" came to my mind. I flipped through the Book of Mormon looking for guidance, but I couldn't find it. I knew it was going to be found in the Bible. A moment later, Sister Porter read 1 Cor. 14:30-31, which reads:
"30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.
31 For ye may all prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be comforted."
She looked at me and smiled. I asked her, "did you just flip open randomly to that?" She replied she had, and went on to tell me that she said a prayer in her heart and told Heavenly Father that she trusted me, and asked for conformation on that. She then randomly flipped open her Bible and that is what she read. It was intense. I was so humbled. I know the Lord lives and will answer prayers. We both felt light and at ease when we went back to the VC and continued our studying. We learned a lot that night.
I have a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The fulness of Christ's gospel is back for us today. We need him, he doesn't need us, but he loves us and wants us home. We can know this by living the doctrine, trusting and having faith in the promises, and testing them out for ourselves. I know God lives and loves us. He has a prophet on the earth today to lead and guide us. His Holy Spirit is here for us. Sacred ordinances such as baptism are here for us. I know these things are true. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Moore

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