Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The report from Missouri...

The report from Missouri... Missouri's weather is very bi-polar. Yesterday it was 66*. This morning, it was 21* with little snow flurries. It's going to get warm again here soon. Or so I'm told. Elder Wells, one of the senior missionaries at the VC prints us out the weather report every week. He's so great! He and his wife are now the "oldest" senior missionaries, just like I am slowly becoming one of the "oldest" sisters in the mission. That's a scary thought. I got told the other day that I look like a grown woman! Yay!
Before I forget, transfers are on Thursday and we willl know tonight where everyone is going. Last Friday a bunch of potential trainers got calls (just like I did 6 weeks ago) and we have discovered that if our assumptions are correct, 7 out of the 8 companionships at the VC will be training. 3 are continuing the 12 week program, 4 are just beginning. And with that, we know that about 5 of the sisters are leaving the VC which is always sad. I found out that my P-day will be Wednesdays starting next week if I stay in 4th ward (mostly likely I will). So I will be a day later in emailing next week. Just a heads up! :)
Things are grand in 4th ward! We had a baptism last Saturday. These two girls that we have been teaching, as well as past sisters have been teaching, were committed for baptism after the Elders made them lasagna (go figure) and so that was wonderful. The parents had been baptized last May, so now the entire family can work together in living the gospel of Jesus Christ and reaping those blessings. ETERNAL FAMILIES!!! BEST! The dad's parents attended and are interested in learning more about the church because they loved the baptismal service and church the next day. This Friday is Sarah's baptism. She's this incredible girl who has taught us so much as we have been sharing the gospel with her. She's so meek and has such a willing heart to act on what she knows is true. She's one of my heroes. Another investigator that has been taught by the sisters for months and months gave us permission to baptize her 9 year old daughter. The daughter really wants to be baptized. Our investigator is seriously thinking about it too. She's finally becoming spiritually converted by reading the Book of Mormon and coming to church. She's seeing the peace that Christ gives us. We're really excited for them! We found a family to teach yesterday and will go back next week to share more. The Lord is truly blessing 4th ward, as the Elders have several progressing investigators as well. Together, we had 8 investigators at church last Sunday. That is pretty awesome for us! I love missionary work! Nothing brings more joy!
On the other side of missionary things, aka the VC, a young man walked into the VC with a ninja turtle belt and a comcast shirt on (this isn't a bad joke, I promise). He wasn't a member but thought the Community of Christ temple was cool so he thought he'd pop in and see what we were all about. We had to explain that their temple is not associated with us, but he stayed for an hour anyway, felt the Spirit, and gave us his information to have the missionaries come share more with him. He's way cool. So intelligent. I have such a testimony that the Lord truly prepares people to accept His promised blessings within the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Seriously... the Lord lives and is so aware of us! We just have to open our eyes and ask to see.
We are playing dodgeball tonight with the youth. We set up a missionary activity for the youth to invite their friends to. So we are going to go play dodgeball, probably get beat pretty badly, and then share a spiritual thought. The Elders are going to help us with that, too. I love the youth. The youth have such power and influence! I would know. :)
But things are grand. I can't complain. I'm seeing that when we rely on the Lord and his promised blessings, that we accomplish so much more than we could alone. Growing up I was blessed with a few talents and based on my own ability I have been able to get so far. Soccer... music... school... but out here, I can't go anywhere or progress or accomplish much without trusting God. Maybe that was why Bishop Vocana had me give my farewell talk on Trusting in God...? Very sneaky. :) Very inspired.
This gospel is true. Jesus IS the Christ. And he lives. What else matters?
Sister Moore

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