Monday, April 23, 2012


What has been happening with Sister Moore?! Miracles.
I have a list of things I want to write about... but not enough time.
Here are some highlights!

Christopher was baptized last Sunday due to the tornado warnings and
was confirmed yesterday. He said he feels on top of the world and it's
such a blessing to be here to see that! Nikkita, the 12 year old girl
who was just baptized last month, her mom is softening. Her dad had
been trying to get her mom, Dawn, to come to church for several
months. However, they made the 4 hour trip to the KC temple open house
and she told us that she feels that God is telling her to get into
gear. She was sick yesterday but said she'd come to church this coming
Sunday! Miracles! That family is on its way. I just LOVE that family.
They are so special.

We've been finding a lot of potentials and we are slowly working with
them to start teaching them. One lady on the street thought we were JW
and once she found out we were LDS, she opened up to us, started
crying at the concern for her son, and wants us to find a good role
model in the church for him. Another woman we found by giving her 9
year old daughter a pamphlet last month. We got a call from that girl
telling us "thank you", and so we went back to see if we could meet
her family. Several visits later, we get in and talk to the mom and
she started crying, how she needs to the Lord in her life and needs to
get back into the Bible. She wants us to come back and teach her
family, so we'll be there on Tuesday. The Lord is blessing us
tremendously. I'm so grateful for such a merciful, powerful, living

We were tracting and saw a lady in a wheelchair that had lost all her
limbs except her left arm, and we was trying to sweep her sidewalk. We
go up and ask to help her and we stay for the next 45 minutes doing
service in our skirts. She's letting us come back to do more yard work
and we're hoping to share a message with her too. We got a referrals
from headquarters (a missionary referral) who turns out to be a guy on
parole. So, that's fun. The ward will help there. We met a couple that
had gone to Temple Square years ago and when we walked in the door,
the wife had the Book of Mormon sitting next to her. She was diagnosed
with pancreatic cancer, but she wants us to come back and teach her.
Woo! An eternal investigator in Independence 4th ward finally took the
step to be baptized last Saturday!! I saw him at the Temple Open House
this past week and it was so amazing hearing about that. There were a
few protesters at the Open House. A lot of security guards were up. It
makes me sad that people come just to tear down others. You don't have
to agree, but I think you should at least be respectful. Oh well. At
district meeting, President and Sister Keyes showed up randomly to
interview us and give us Temple Dedication Recommends. So awesome!

Lots has been happening. We are busy. The Lord is blessing us. I
barely have time to write it all.

Oh, and get this - When we were talking to Sister Keyes, she said that
the mission song, all the names of the missionaries serving in the
mission at this time, and all the sisters that worked at the open
house will be put into the cornerstone of the temple during the
Dedication of the Temple. I'm going to be a part of the temple

I know this is the Lord's work and that He is in charge. I'm grateful
for this front row ticket that allows me to see the love of God for
His children. I know this gospel is true and it will bless us forever.
Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Moore

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