Monday, April 16, 2012

98 Tornadoes

98 tornadoes in Kansas and I'm still alive! Woohoo!
There were some major storm systems going through Oklahoma, Kansas,
and Nebraska on Saturday. All day we were on tornado watch and
warning. We didn't get into many homes because of it. And I really
wanted to see a funnel cloud! The mission would send out updates every
couple hours and we even had the mission president call us to make
sure we were safe. At one point he told us, "It's sure an exciting
time to be a mission president!" haha, I love President Keyes. The sad
part is Hutch didn't even get hit! And I say that not to want to be in
a storm, but I'd love to see a funnel cloud or something. No deaths
reported in Kansas. All the missionaries are safe. And we didn't even
have to run for shelter.

The Temple Open House this past week was grand like always!! I got to
pre-set the tours this time, so I would begin the tour with something
like, "Welcome to the Kansas City Temple Open House! My name is Sister
Moore and I have the grand opportunity of opening your tour today.
Your tour will last about a hour beginning with a short film that will
last about 12 minutes. At the conclusion of your tour, you will be
guided to a reception hall where there will be refreshments provided
for you. There will be comment cards like this one [hold up card] and
if you so desire, we would love to see what you thought of your
experience today. Also, there will be missionaries just like myself
with these black name tags that can answer any questions you may have.
We'll go ahead and start your video and we wish you a wonderful
experience today!" .... but in Sister Moore style. I had them laughing
and smiling and lighting up. They were so excited to see the temple!
And most of them were not members! I met some of the coolest people.
People would come up later when I was in the cultural hall and say,
"You have a name tag, I have questions!" And again, I taught about
baptisms for the dead, the plan of salvation, the sacred nature of the
family, and many other questions. I love teaching. I love testifying.

Because of the weather, our baptism that was scheduled for Saturday
was postponed until Sunday after church. Church in itself was amazing.
One of the stake high councilmen came and spoke about the Atonement.
So good. We taught Sunday School in Gospel Essentials about the
Priesthood and with the participation of the class was so powerful.
The Spirit was so strong. One of our investigators that usually just
follows his girlfriend around church actually came to this class and
went to Priesthood the 3rd hour for the first time ever! Miracles! In
Relief Society we learned about temples. Excellent. There was a
potluck after church. Delicious. Then the baptism. Because so many
stayed for the potluck there was a great support there for
Christopher. He was really nervous but he did great. He had asked a
brother that he works with to baptize him, who is a convert of about 5
years himself, and this was his first time doing a baptism. Both wives
were weeping when the ordinance took place. it was beautiful. As we
were talking with Christopher after the baptism, I asked him how he
felt. With a huge grin on his face and light in his eyes, he told me,
"I feel great!" I know this gospel is true. It has been restored.

Dinner tonight is with one of my favorite families. They are a hoot
and so loving at the same time. I want to be like them when I grow up!
But all is well! Transfers came and both Sister Dodd and I are still
in Hutch. Which is a huge blessing, because just like Odessa, I'm
falling in love with the people here. Funny how the people in your
life make all the different sometimes, eh? :)

I know the church is true. I know it brings lasting happiness in a
world of insecurity and uncertainty. I'm grateful to be serving my
King! Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Love Always,
Sister Moore

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