Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Day of my Life

I report to you all from Hutchinson, KS. I am so excited to write this
email because even though a week had passed since I last wrote, I
really only want to report on one day... Last Wednesday, the 4th, was
the best day of my life.

We did our regular morning schedule and were picked up by the senior
missionary couple serving in Pratt, KS. Together we drove 4 hours to
arrive in Liberty, MO about noon. Our meeting was scheduled at 1:45
pm. We went up to Liberty/Kansas City (KC) for the temple open house.
The sister missionaries in the mission have the grand blessing of
serving at the open house of the KC temple. All 43 of us sisters met
to be instructed by President Keyes, Sister Keyes, President Hardy
(the temple president), Elder Deschlur (spelling... area seventy), and
Elder William Walker (seventy, and temple executive director for the
whole church). In the last 3 weeks, we have been instructed and
visited by the missionary executive director and the temple executive
directer for the church. How awesome! They all spoke of the blessings
of the temple and what was really amazing was how Elder Walker told us
that we are the blessed few in all the world to be serving as
missionaries at this time in this mission. Only 2 temples in the whole
world are being dedicated this year; one being the KC temple. He said
that we have been hand chosen and called by a prophet of God to be
here. I was so humbled and grateful as he spoke. We are to be working
in the stake center right next door to the temple by introducing tours
to their host, or being at the end of the tour answering questions.
They told us that President Thomas S. Monson (Prophet), Elder Jeffrey
R. Holland (Quorum of the Twelve Apostles), Elder Rasband (Presidency
of Seventy), and Elder William Walker (Seventy and Temple Executive
Director) would all be coming out for the cultural celebration on 5
May and the actual dedication on 6 May. We would get to view the
dedication from stake centers all over the regional area. And when
Elder Evans, the missionary exe. director came to speak to us,
President Keyes announced that they would be bringing in missionaries
to march into the arena at the cultural event and sing "Bring the
World His Truth" for the prophet. However, he had also said that the
missionaries serving in central/western Kansas (which includes me
right now) would probably not be able to come because we are so far
away. At this meeting with Elder Walker, President Keyes made an
announcement. He said, "We have secured a bus for the missionaries
serving in the Wichita, Derby, and Salina Kansas stakes will be able
to join us at the cultural event", and sat back down. I was so full of
emotion that I started weeping as we sang that song. I was going to
accept the fact that I am serving where I am for a reason and that
there are limitations on things. But what a tender mercy to be able to
join the 240+ strong army of missionaries in the Missouri Independence
Mission and to sing our hearts out to the prophet of God.

The meeting ended and they took us through the temple to see it for
ourselves. It was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could show you all
the majesty of the House of God and have you feel the Spirit of God
going through that building. Even though it was not dedicated, it
still was a sacred place. And I knew without a doubt that God has a
plan for us and that He loves us.

One of my good friends was just called as the Assistant to the
President that day which is always exciting when your friends receive
special assignments and callings. I got to see him and his companion
later that night at the open house and it's always fun to see fellow
missionaries, especially those you serve with.

Since all of the sisters were there it was a joyous reunion. Sister
Porter sent me this photo that I attached of the senior couples that
gave rides, President & Sister Keyes, and all 43 sisters of the MIM. I
just LOVE these sisters! They are some of my long lost best friends!
It was so heartbreaking parting ways again, but I know that they are
my sisters in the Lord, and that we will meet again.

8 sisters were on shift at the Open House. All 8 of us were at the end
of the 45 minute tour to answer questions as guests enjoyed
refreshments in the cultural hall of the meetinghouse. I met so many
people not of our faith that were awe-struck by the beauty of the
temple. I got to answer questions about baptisms for the dead and why
we have temples. I testified that God has a plan for us and that we
are all a part of it. It was incredible! I was so drained by the end
of the night. It couldn't have been a better day in any way. We spent
the night with the Tubbs, a senior couple that works in the mission
office, and reported to the open house the next morning. That morning
was a little different, because while the open house only opened on
the 7th, last week were VIP tours for those that worked on the temple,
those that live within a mile radius of the temple, and for ministers
and whatnot of other faiths. We were told they didn't need us so we
visited the Historic Liberty Jail and the VC on our way back to Hutch.
I sure miss Independence, but it was good to be back and visit.

It was the best day of my life. I don't even know what else to report
on. Transfers are this week. I doubt I'll change but it's always a
little nerve racking!We have a baptism this Saturday which we are so
excited for! A part member couple is becoming whole! He has changed to
much and you can see the light he is developing from the gospel. Oh,
so much has happened. We are going down to Wichita today for zone
p-day. Easter was amazing. It was the ward's fast and testimony
meeting, and it was powerful. A man that has been less active for
years felt the spirit and got up to bear testimony of those things he
knew to be true. He changed in a moment as he felt how much God loves
him and his family. Our 11 year old investigator got up and said, "I
know this church is true, and I know that Jesus Christ, God the
Father, and the Holy Ghost will help me for the rest of my life". He's
a sincere kid, too! Smart. So many miracles.

I know this is the true church upon the face of the earth. I know that
the fulness of Jesus Christ's gospel was restore to Joseph Smith,
God's chosen prophet of this dispensation. I know that the temple is a
literal House of God and that within those walls miracles are
performed. Families can be together forever in joy. I know that true
hope comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and that is the true
meaning of Easter. I am grateful for the Resurrection, because I know
that I can go back to live with Heavenly Father one day... with my
family.What a merciful plan, what a perfect plan, what a miraculous
plan. God lives and loves us. And I know through Christ, I can be made

I love you all. Thank you for your support.
Sister Moore

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