Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This week has been crazy. Let's see what I remember...

We started the week with interviews with President and Sister Keyes.
We were supposed to be there at noon but got into town a little early,
so we decided to go to lunch. We pop open the GPS to see what's close
to the church and see Panera Bread. That's the one!! I LOVE that
place. SO we get there and walk in the door to see 3 elders turn
around to greet us. "Oh.. hey!" They had split the zone into 2 groups
for interviews and President took the group before us to lunch and we
just happen to arrive as he was paying for all the missionaries. So...
we got a free lunch and got to eat with all the elders. That was a fun
tender mercy. Interviews were good, too. President said he wants to
get me in the Liberty Jail before I end my mission, but Sister Dodd
has to leave Hutch first. So he told us early what's happening with
transfers, minus who my new companion is. I don't know if that is what
will happen, but my second to last transfer will be in Hutch this
summer... and it's going to be 100* this week. Bring it on!

On our way home from Wichita, we get a call from the wife of a RC and
she wants us over there now. So we go and when we knock on the door,
someone peeks through the curtain, she lets us in and then says, "we
have a crisis". Turns out one of our RC is very nervous about
receiving the Priesthood and serving in the church. It was a very
intense meeting but through silent prayers and turning it over to the
Bishop, all is well. It was amazing though, because it is an hour
drive from Wichita to Hutch. During this drive, our appointment that
we were going to canceled, and 5 minutes later the wife of the RC
calls needing us. We were able to reschedule with the canceled
appointment and the Lord had us where He needed us. It's amazing how
in control He is.

So that was Tuesday. Wednesday we had a prompting to for-go our
morning plans and drive to Pretty Prairie, a 40 minute drive away and
to try this part member family. We found the non-member ehad of the
household and he become a new investigator. So, that was cool. Some
amazing lessons that day, too. There's a PMF (part member family) that
we are now working with the Mom in (the daughter was just baptized)
and our lesson was on the Sabbath Day and the Sacrament. When we read
in the Book of Mormon about the Sacrament, she volunteered the
comment, "I don't take the sacrament because I figure I'm not living
in accordance to the gospel just yet." It was amazing because that was
the Spirit working in her. We hadn't said a thing. She and her husband
(common law) are not married and are planning on doing that within the
next year. We asked if they would do it in August so we can bring our
parents to their wedding... haha.

We got to see Deonna, a newer investigator, last week. We were a
little late and when we knocked on her door she didn't answer, so we
started to walk away. She comes running out of the house and says,
"were you knocking? I couldn't hear you". When we got in the house she
told us how it was just "one of those days" and at one point tossed
her head back and exclaimed, "are they here yet??"/ She had been
looking forward to our visit all day. So awesome! Our lesson was great
because she is SO sincere. She just needs to get work off on Sundays
and she's golden!

On Saturday we tried to contact a referral in a little town called
Marquette, which is an hour's drive. As we were traveling, we followed
a trio of motorcycles and many motorcycles passed us on the way there.
They would all give some sign to each other as they passed. Finally, I
suggested to Sister Dodd, who was driving, to give that sign to the
next motorcycles that passed us. She gets ready to and as we round the
corner we are suddenly in the town.... in the middle of a huge
motorcycle rally. EVERYWHERE there are motorcycles, bikers, tattoos,
chaps, etc. We had to park on a side street and walk to our referral.
We stood out like sore thumbs. It was great.

We got a call the other night from a former investigator from last
year that Sister Dodd and I have had no contact wit whatsoever. He
said he wanted to join the church now and asked how to do it. Um...
awesome. How often does that happen??

Lately we have been stretched so thin. A lot of members expect us to
drop everything when they need us which we are always happy to help,
but investigator appointments are not always so easy to for-go. it's
been very interesting balancing the ward and our investigators. We are
starting to really get the ward involved and it's so amazing to see
connections take place. At church, a lot of investigators that said
they would come didn't, and that was sad. But after church we had
dinner with one of my favorite families out here! Please see attached
photos of what we did after the meal and thought.

Transfers are this week. Sister Dodd is going to the Jail and I am
staying here. We don't know our companions just yet. We are cleaning
house getting ready for it. We have a zone conference on 5 June too in
Wichita. I'm really excited for that. It's my spiritual Christmas!!

All is well! The mission is really hard some days. I was having a
really hard time sitting in Relief Society, tears flowing from my
eyes, and I was done with the things going on and the feelings inside
of me. Right there during the lessons, I closed my eyes and said a
silent prayer. As soon as I said Amen, peace flooded my heart and mind
and all was well again. I know God hears and answers our prayers. Even
for the tiniest things, He is always there. Make Him apart of your
life. He loves you.

I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior.
I know the Book of Mormon is true and are really "the words of life".
Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister Moore

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