Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 14

Pictures: 1046 - Sunset north of Hutch.
0996 - KC MO Temple
1006 - Making marshmallow temples with the Ramey family.
1145 - After watching a sister bond someone out of jail, this is us in
front of the building.
1141 - A FHE group of single sisters in the ward. The one in the
center sitting down is 94 years old and actually isn't a member.
1142 - Missionaries stuck in a cell phone...

Greetings one and all.

Talking to Mom and Dad yesterday was beautiful. I find it difficult to
recall other stories that I want to report on since I told them
several stories. We've been really busy this week. I've been working
on diligence in my own life and I feel that the Lord is blessing me to
be able to develop that Christ like attribute. Here are a couple funny

Earlier in the week we were trying to contact a less active member and
they weren't home. We saw a lady down the street and decided to go
talk to her. She talks with us and won't accept a Book of Mormon but
does tell us we can come back. We'd just have to catch her; she
wouldn't commit to a time. So, we try back the next couple days and
she's not home. Sad. We try again Saturday afternoon and she's home!
She answers the door and she says, "Ok, I guess I have 5 or 10 minutes
today". We turn the corner and see her husband. We go to shake his
hand and we see he has a toilet seat on his lap. We don't ask, but
start to share the first discussion about Joseph Smith and the Book of
Mormon. They said they want to read it. Woohoo! We end up staying and
fellow shipping them. We were there for a good 45 minutes and the
toilet seat never left his lap. Finally, we inquire of it and he says
they just moved in and are changing them. Pretty funny. maybe you had
to be there...

We were doing service for a lady we met on the street who due to a
heart attack lost 3 of her limbs. She only had her left arm. When we
finished with her we get back to the car and see we missed a call from
a part member family. The dad grew up in the church but never had a
testimony. In fact, he mocked it. His wife and 2 daughters are very
nice to us but not interested in the church. We decide to call them
back before our next appointment and come to find out he's not sure
why we had a missed call from them. He asks us to hold on for a second
and in the background of the phone, he yells to his wife, "Did you
call the Mormons????" it was pretty funny. Maybe you had to be there.
We have a good relationship with them as least.

On Mother's Day before we called home, we were out delivering a bunch
of cards to sisters in the ward who have been so kind to us and to a
couple of our investigators to wish them a happy mother's day. There's
one sister in the ward that several years ago was in an automobile
accident involving a drunk driver, and both her husband and 2 children
passed away. She was the only survivor. Due to that she hates Mother's
Day and doesn't want to see anyone. We thought we'd just put a card in
her back door so she'd see it on her way out eventually. We pull up,
and start to make our way back to the porch. As we round the corner of
the house, we see her in her car with the backing lights on. I have
never felt more ninja like as we dart back to the car and drive around
the block. We were afraid she might have sen us but she hasn't said
anything yet! We came back and left the car after she had left. It was
pretty funny.

We have had a lot of funny experiences. We see miracles everyday and
laugh at the quirks of life as well.

On a more spiritual note, we've had miracle after miracle happen.
There's a young man in town from college who joined the church in
September. His mom just had knee replacement surgery and is home for a
month to care for her. His sister has not made the best choices in
life and is a slave to addictions. After a fight one night he shared a
Mormon Message with her and she asked for something to read. He gave
her a Book of Mormon and she's been reading it ever since. Her
demeanor changed instantly. She wants to meet with us. She even came
to church yesterday. That was a miracle.

Ok, to close up my email for the week, I want to share a story that
was shared in Sacrament Meeting.
There was this man whose mother lived 200 miles away. He was on his
way to a flower shop to order flowers to have delivered to her.
Outside the shop he saw a little girl crying on the step. He asked,
"What's wrong?" She replied, "I only have 65 cents and a rose costs
$2. ALl I want is to buy my mom a rose for Mother's Day". The man
tells her, "Well, I'll buy you one." He goes in and orders flowers for
his own mother and buys the little girl a rose. He offers to give her
a ride to her mom. She ends up leading him by pointing this way and
that, until finally they arrive at a cemetery. He watched the little
girl get out of the car and lay that single rose on her mother's

The story continues as the man went back to the shop, canceled his
order, bought a bouquet, and drove the 200 miles to see his mother.

I'm incredibly grateful for my own mother and for all those woman who
do so much for their own families and the people around them. I know
that I am who I am today because of my mom. She is my light and
strength when everyone else seems to dwindle away.

I know that woman are an important part of God's Plan for the
salvation of His children. He has blessed woman in many ways to be
able to be soft yet strong, compassionate yet driven, beautiful and
full of love. it is a tremendous blessing to know that I am a daughter
of God and have a divine purpose here in life. I can and will make a
difference, just like so many faithful women like my own mother.

I love you all.
Sister Moore

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