Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HAPPY [late] FATHER'S DAY!!!!!

HAPPY [late] FATHER'S DAY!!!!!

Pictures... we found a corn field. had some fun. Epic air, right? :)

It's kind of gross that I only have 2 months to go. but with that
knowledge I have been given a drive to work and have been given
strength. I feel like I have so much more to offer through the
blessings of the Sacrament and the principle of Enduring. The Lord
It's been a great week!! We are continuing to see the Lord's hand in
our lives and in this work. The ward is super supportive to going out
on team ups with us, feeding us, and giving us rides. I'm grateful for
that. Plus, I have a super awesome companion!!! Life is beautiful. :)

We visited this couple we found on the street last transfer and they
have decided to look into being baptized. While they wouldn't set a
date, they are so great. Walking into their home I felt like they were
active Latter-Day Saints because of the Spirit that was there. I felt
like I already knew them. That happened again as we got a referral
from Salt Lake City on our phone for a single guy. When we get there,
there are 2 families with young kids in the house, all willing to
learn and ready to change. The main guy that referred himself learned
from the missionaries down in Oklahoma 5 years ago, and due to not
being able to kick smoking he couldn't get baptized, but he's back and
on our first visit, he testified to us that he knows this is the
church where he wants to be and that he's not going anywhere. He's
ready to quit and make that commitment. SO AMAZING.

I had some heartbreak this week. One of our recent converts told us
that he doesn't believe he needs to go to church to have God in his
life. To be honest, I got angry when we left. For months he attended
church with his very active and faithful wife and you could see a
change in him. He was happy! He was on the right path! but as soon as
he stopped going, he's blaming the church for his own choices and has
decided to learn away from the only true gospel. I wanted to rebuke
him. I wanted to tell him that he made promises with Heavenly Father.
He let the world in and has decided money is more important than
spiritual peace. We love this brother. I'm heartbroken. But I know we
can't force anyone to do anything. They have their agency and will
make their own choices. We are making a special effort to make sure
that our other investigators can feel the Spirit in every meeting with
us, that a member is always there to be a support, and that they are
reading the Book of Mormon. We're not letting another slip through the
cracks. God loves them. They have to make the choice and come to Him,
otherwise they won't be able to feel of the sweetness of the gospel.
Being a missionary has taught me many things. I've learned to make
good choices. I've learned how to respect others' agency. And I've
also learned the joy as we follow the prophets and the commandments.
Mosiah 2:41.

We did have a baptism!! It was small as many people that committed to
come did not, but the man being baptized was so happy. His wife and 6
year old son came and he just glowed. On Sunday, he was confirmed a
member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and received
the Holy Ghost. He also was conferred to receive the Aaronic
Priesthood later that day. he is ready to serve. And we got an
appointment to come see the wife. We are going to see if we can help
them do this together. I can't adequately express my love for this
work. I see so many blessings in store for these people. We are
laboring for their souls. I'm grateful to understand these blessings.

Yesterday, we ate 3 full meals in 3 hours. I don't ever want to eat
again. Many people invited us over for Father's Day celebrations. It
was a great day. Today we are going down to Wichita for zone p-day.
It'll be great!

I know this work is true. I know that the Church's purpose is to
gather the House of Israel. I know that Christ lives. The Book of
Mormon is true and blesses lives! Shall we not go on in so great a

Sister Moore

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