Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11

How is it June already?! Not okay!
it's been another amazing week in Hutch. Sometimes I wonder why it is
going so well here. We found 10 new investigators last week! That's
Last P-day we taught Deonna who we have been seeing for quite sometime
now. She's doing really well, but her hold up was working on Sunday.
She's a single mom of 3 and can't ask Sunday off for some reason.
We've been teaching her, and praying for her for something to work
out. Well, last Monday she told us she has no desire to work where
she's at anymore and is looking at a job that gives her the weekends
off. What?! I just love her. She's the coolest lady.

On Tuesday was our Zone Conference. it was incredible. I could feel
the Spirit working within me all day long. We get there after leaving
Hutch at 6:45am and have breakfast. They started the conference out in
the chapel and spoke of an incident that happened in the mission a few
weeks ago. President Keyes gets a lot of phone calls as a mission
president. He got one one day that said two of his missionaries had
been in a automobile accident (I'm getting emotion just thinking about
this story). One was being life flighted to a hospital in Kansas, one
taken by ambulance to a hospital in Independence, MO. He and Sister
Keyes get in the car to go see these elders, praying that they would
somehow end up at the same hospital. Seems like a small thing, but
they needed to be with their missionaries. When they arrived at the
hospital in Independence, they called the other hospital somewhere in
Kansas to ask if a missionary had arrived via life-flight yet. The
nurse said that no missionary had arrived, and none were expected to
come. it turned out, that in mid-flight, they changed course and
brought the other missionary to Independence, to where President Keyes
could see both elders. They were given Priesthood Blessings, and the
Keyes stayed the night. The next day, both elders walked out with a
limp and one in a wheelchair. The doctors were in awe, saying "people
don't just get life flighted in and walk out the next day". The Lord
wanted that to happen. He continues saying that safety is the most
important thing and he and the Church are very concerned about the
safety of the missionaries. It tugged at my heart as you could feel
the love and the Spirit so strongly; it was virtuously tangible. The
rest of conference was great. In the Wichita and Derby zones, there
are only 2 companionships of sisters. So we stood out, haha. I got to
see lots of mission friends and it was so wonderful to be there with
other missionaries. At the end of conference, President Keyes spoke
and talked about 3 Nephi 11. Christ comes and comforts the Nephite
people. once they feel of that love, they cry "Hosanna!" which means
"save us, save us now". What is the next thing that happens? Christ
gives them the authority to baptize. That is our calling as
missionaries. We are to go out, comfort the people, then use the
authority we have been given to save souls. Baptism is so essential to
salvation, and to be responsible for such a great task is overwhelming
at times. But I know, that this is the Lord's work. On a spiritual
high, President then announced that he would like all the missionaries
that this would be their last zone conference to come up and bear
their testimonies. This was my last zone conference. I had already
been weeping all day due to the Spirit and love I had felt. My heart
was about to beat out of my chest; I had to go up. I wait for some
elders to go and follow after them, but they see me and invite me to
go first. I'm thinking to myself, "what in the world do I say right
now....". As I get to the pulpit, and look out over the other 40
missionaries, my mind is blank. I felt numb. The first words out of my
mouth were, "I don't want to be here right now... in front of you..."
And as I struggled, the Spirit helped me, and I bore testimony of what
I know to be true. I know that Christ lives. I know that He restored
the fulness of His gospel through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know
that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I know the Book of Mormon
is the word of God, and blesses lives. I know the importance of the
family. I know that the work we do as missionaries is true, and that
it is one of the greatest blessings we will have in our lives here. I
don't know what all I said, but when I sat back down, I leaned over,
buried my face in my hands, and wept. The reality of going home soon
is sad. Just the week before, Sister Jones asked me if it was weird
knowing that I was leaving soon. I said very casually that I've
accepted it and that it is inevitable that it will come. But being
faced with me, I really will miss serving the Lord as a full-time
missionary. I was asked to say the closing prayer of the conference,
so I have to get back up there again with puffy red eyes and thank
God. it was powerful. it was a powerful experience for me. I wish I
could portray it better. Afterwards, several other missionaries came
up and thanked me for my testimony and prayer. Their sincerity made
all the difference and all was well instantly. I know that this time
we have is sacred and precious. I will make the most of it. I am
working the best I know how. and I will, until I am told, "well done".

On Wednesday we went out to Turon and watched a wheat harvest!!! And
fellow shipped a part member family. Don't worry, we actually work. I
sent a couple pictures. They let us stand in the middle of the field.
it was so neat. Golden wheat that just went on for miles. Once they
cut it it wasn't very pretty, but I learned a lot. They gave us a
sample of wheat, too. I love it! The rest of the week was just as
great too. We have a baptism this Friday for a guy that called us up
and said, "I want to join the church. How do I do it?" Another guy is
preparing for the 23rd. Same story. Called us up and wanted to join
the church. We have found several other investigators that are
progressing and longing for what the gospel offers them. We are
tremendously blessed. One miracle that happened that I will share this
week was about Debbie.

We found Debbie on the street in front of her house and while she
would always let us come back, she and her husband would never set a
specific return appointment. after an appointment on Thursday, we get
in the car and I had the distinct impression to go see Debbie. We were
not planning on seeing her until the next day. We get there and she's
out watering her plants. We offer to help and she tells us, "I was
wondering when you girls were going to come back. I was talking to
Andy (husband) and I thought 'oh, they're probably going to come
Friday when I'm gone!' and it made me sad". As we continued to talk,
she talks very openly with us and after we ask her how her Book of
Mormon reading is going, she gets emotional and says, "I don't think
I'm worthy". She needs the gospel. We invited her right then and there
to a progressive dinner that the Relief Society was putting on and she
came and loved it. She made connections with the sisters and is
excited to learn about the gospel. if we hadn't have gone at that
time, we wouldn't missed her when she needed the Lord. She left for a
trip the very net morning and is returning sometime this week. I have
a testimony that I know Heavenly Father is so aware of His children.
He uses others to bless them. I am grateful and indebted for the gift
of the Holy Ghost and how we can be used as His hands to bring the
gospel to all honest hearts here in Hutch.

This work is true. Hutch is a miracle area. I wonder what I did to be
so blessed sometimes. To have the knowledge of the beauty of the
gospel and the love that God has for each of us is the greatest
blessing. Please always remember that the Lord loves you. He wants to
bless you. His gospel brings love, peace, joy, and refuge into your
life. I know this, for I am a witness.

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Love Always,
Sister Moore

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