Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My brain is becoming enlarged...

My brain is being pushed. I feel like I'm back at school again! For my home ward, I have been called as a substitute seminary teacher and I have been teaching the last few days. When looking at the material given to you, you need to know everything: why things happened, how things happened, what came from them, and any little detail with words because the students have questions! The challenging part? You get a time limit. So, even though my brain is being pushed and prodded and I have created an alternate life for it, I only teach what I feel the spirit tells me to in my short amount of time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is not always easy.

I love the kids, though. They are great! Some talk, some sleep. I can't blame them too much, I remember being in high school and to show up to learn something at 6 in the morning is pretty impressive to me. The age difference is funny. I was in high school 3 years ago. I guess I'm just old enough to earn their respect. I never got this experience. I'm now on the other side of it. Sort of reminds me of Girl's Camp this past summer - I never went when I was younger due to my own story, but I was asked to be over one of the cabins with another sister in the stake. It was a blast! I experienced it from the other side. The Lord is taking care of me so when I do have my own kids at this age, I get an idea of what I'm sending them off to do.

Also, slowly but surely, my really cute sister missionary outfits are making their appearances in the world since every morning I teach I dress up, and then of course every Sunday as well. I'm going to be stylish! Out in Missouri is going to be wicked humid and I'm getting there right before the summer. Oh, I really don't care for the intense heat.

So, life is good. Life is busy. My 21st birthday is this Saturday. On Friday, my family is having the Elders up and we're having German Chocolate cake! Some sort of en tray too, but that's not too important. I hope we do Jell-o shots, too... ever take Jell-o, spike it with Mountain Dew or Sprite, let it set and then partake of the goodness? On Saturday, my mom is taking me to the spa for my first ever professional deep tissue massage. Can you say heavenly? I can just hear the stress and tension in my back melt away... Since, you know, I'm not going to go get drunk. How lame and unoriginal.

A good friend of mine leaves his home today to report to the MTC tomorrow. He'll be serving in the Washington Tacoma mission and will be there on Valentine's Day. He's an awesome character. Note to self: send the letter to him... you wrote it, now send it (one of my many flaws). I called him up last night to wish him well and we just got to talking about the gospel, family, and how when he comes home I'm going to show him Oregon because he's never been here! The madness! By the way, anyone else who is not from Oregon, and has never been, please keep in touch for I can plan this huge tour of Northwest Oregon with you all. Take you from Mt. Hood, to the coast, up to the Columbia River and down into the Willamette Valley, not to mention everything else in between. Think about it... you know you want to!

There's life. Maybe if I get around to it I'll post pictures of my last few weeks as a civilian. Thanks for tuning in; until next time!

[Sister] Vicki Moore

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