Thursday, January 27, 2011

Testing, testing

I found a function on Blogger that says you can update a blog by sending a post to a certain email address. I have no idea if this is true, but here goes nothing. If this does happen to work, I can update my blog without having to explain how to to my family; I'd send my weekly update straight to Blogger from my email along with my family. So here's to technology... here goes nothing.

On the other hand, I finally got a day off today. I really haven't left my bed nor my laptop, but I'll have you know I have not been Facebook stalking all day. I have worked on my farewell talk, I have studied scriptures, I have written stories, I have written letters to missionaries, and I have even eaten a thing or two. I am starting to see bags under my eyes because of the hectic sleep schedule I am putting upon my poor body. Perhaps I should heed the counsel of the Lord in D&C 88:123-124. Maybe one day.

Until next time,

Sister Moore

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  1. It Worked! Where is this function? I want to email it to dusty so he can do the same with his mission blog.

  2. Woo it did work!
    So, on the home page where it lists all the blogs under your account, there's a little envelope to the left of the blog name. If you click it, it gives you an option of basically creating an email that if you send something to it, it automatically posts it. I hope that is clear... haha. :)