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October 19, 2011


It's been a good week! We up'd our numbers this week and I think I'm going to be exhausted for the rest of my mission. But that's okay.. I fall asleep easier that way. We found a little family who in the past had said no to missionaries because they were happy in their faith. We asked if they ever got a chance to read the Book of Mormon and they responded, "no, not really". I bore testimony of what the Book of Mormon is and what it means personally to me, and the next thing they say is, "Hmm... we'll have to pull that out and read it". So awesome! We're going back in a couple weeks as they are going out of town... but they are just so awesome! We have been getting some LA's into the Book of Mormon lately, too. Our testimonies are powerful, and not because we have been set apart as missionaries. Our Zone Leaders challenged us to come up with a personal goal for the companionship and then report back on it next week. We decided to focus our dinner appointments around the restoration of the gospel and preset for referrals. It's been amazing the Spirit that has been with us as we talk about the restored gospel and why we live it. The members are reliving their own conversion, whenever it was, and are finding that desire to share, just like Lehi and the Tree of Life (1 Ne. 8). Use your testimony, and the Lord will be right there with you. Believe that. Know that.

I started the Book of Mormon over in studies and I read 1 Nephi 17 this morning. I love that it was Nephi's faith that enabled him to build a boat, but what really stuck out to me was at the end of the chapter where he testified: "Behold, I am full of the Spirit of God, insomuch that my frame has no strength". My mind instantly went to an experience I had back in the VC. Sister Browning and I were taking a tour with a brother not of our faith. He kept going on and on about how he's seen Jesus and many other things that I don't remember, but there was no room for the spirit to be there. Next thing I knew, I opened my mouth. I don't remember what I said, but after I was done, it was silent. That brother had been humbled, and I almost fell to my knees. At the time I didn't know what happened, but with that knowledge that Nephi testified of being used as an instrument in the hands of the Lord so the Spirit could teach, not him, I was humbled as I was found worthy to experience something so sacred. Which brings me to the CD Kimberly sent to me (thank you!!!). It has "Called to Serve" on it and so of course it was wonderful. One line really stuck out: "Called to know the richness of His blessings". It just hit me. I was called as a missionary to understand, to know, just what Heavenly Father is capable of. I was called to know how much He loves each and every one of His children. I was called to know how rich His blessings truly are. And that goes for anything in the Kingdom: callings, service, anything. We serve to know, we are to understand. And what better blessing is there than to feel Godly love?

Last week we got a call from the Zone Leaders saying that President and Sister Keyes were coming to District Meeting and would be going out on team ups with us for a little bit that Friday. The ZL's are known for pulling pranks on us so I really didn't take them seriously. However, at the end of District Meeting they walk in the door, and take us out to lunch, and we went out with the mission president's wife for a couple hours. It was intimidating, but awesome! She's such a sweetheart. Our new district leader (last DL got a special assignment in the office for the last 3 weeks of his mission, so a new DL was called) got to go out with President. Oh... so funny. So awesome.

One morning we woke up to a slug on our ceiling in the kitchen. I still have no idea how it got in the house. I got a card reader (Thank you, Will!) and now can finally send you pictures! Yay! A couple go all the way back to the Fall Festival last month. I hope you all can view them. Eventually I get into more of a habit. Zone P-day last Monday was awesome. We went on our nature walk and it was beautiful! I sent a couple pictures of it. Along the hike we found a pond. One of the new Elders was just hanging out so I snapped a shot. You can see the vast beauty of the changing leaves reflecting off the water. I love Fall... it seriously is my favorite season.

Sister T has received quite a few letters! Thank you all SO much! She says she'll respond as soon as she can. :) I loved receiving notes from Mom, Dad, Henry, Will, Derek, Chelsie, and SAM!!! Oh Sam, how I've missed you. haha. Congratulations to Trish & Russell Dickerson on little baby Elliott! What a blessing he will be to you, and what great parents and missionaries you'll be to him. Family picture soon... yes? :)

Things are good. Still working and being safe, no worries. We might make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today... Thank you for everything you do. I'm so grateful for such a support system and such wonderful examples in my life. The gospel is true. The fulness of it has been restored just for us! Why not taste of the fruit?Jesus is the Christ, he lives, and he loves us. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Sister Moore

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