Monday, October 31, 2011


384: One of my favorite little families out in Odessa. She's a convert of about 2 years. Her husband wasn't home sadly, but he's awesome too. They are probably some of the greatest people I have met out on my mission.
388: A Sister from Odessa that goes above and beyond. She's kind of crazy and her mind is everywhere at once, but she's solid. So funny. Love that woman!
389: Elder Messick, Elder Sanders, and Sister Moore. My zone leaders from out in Warrensburg. They are the best! We were trying to look cool. Not sure how successful we were.
391: Sister Nelson and Sister Moore. She's one of my favorites... shh, don't tell. She's serving as a VC Sister leader right now and will go home in December sadly.
394: Kind of washed out... Elder Nicholes, Sister Moore, and Sister Blackham. Elder Nicholes went home this last transfer, but he served as one of the Assistants. Awesome Elder. And Sister Blackham is my companion now! I love her! She's from California, graduated from BYU-Idaho, and reminds me perfectly of Trish.... same exact mannerisms and everything.. except a little quieter. :). It's kind of eerie. Needless to say, I'm having fun with her.
400: Missionary cars!! The Independence zone is so close that we gather together all the time. In fact, we all just played sports this morning.
I got lucky and got the Monday P-day here at the VC. And we aren't allowed to proselyte after 7 PM tonight because of Halloween. We might party at the VC... well actually, we have been asked to sing on Friday, my companion and me, so we'll work on that. I have a special calling here at teh VC this transfer... I'm apart of a 2-sister committee and we are in charge of finding musical talents among the sisters and organizing musical numbers for meetings, trainings, and firesides. I'm really excited!
But.... yes, transfers have come and gone and I have left my beloved little Odessa ward. Wednesday night there was a ward activity so I went around and said bye. I think almost everyone I spoke with either said, "what's your address; I'll write you!" or "Oh, we'll come visit you in the VC soon!". So much love... I sobbed when I got the transfer call.  I have been called to serve in the Independence 4th ward... so I'm back at the VC! I'll probably stay here for a while. This ward is fun. We have elders in this ward, too: the assistants. Elder Nicholes was one of them so a new one was called, so the ward has two new missionaries. We got a very warm welcome and I'm really excited to be here. I miss the War zone (Warrensburg....) but there are miracles awaiting me here... I can feel it.
But yes. My first Sunday we were supposed to teach Gospel Principles. It went very, very well. I'm hoping to make a good impression on the ward and get to know them as fast as I can so I can serve them better. I forgot how hard it is at the VC! There is NO time! And it's starting to slow down. I kind of go crazy on shift so I get into trouble... okay, not really. But get this: there's a new feature at the VC: Chat! On, there is a way to chat with representatives of the church to answer questions. Whenever someone desires to do that, we are the ones that get to talk with them. It's new at most of the visitor centers. We've gone through a few test runs and it's a blast. What an awesome way to spread the gospel.
With transfers, a couple missionaries got picked up by their parents. A couple came in and said they are so and so's parents, and I got to take them on a tour while they waited for their daughter. I kind of thought about what it would be like to go home. Talking to them, I got a better feel of how my parents would feel. Oh... it's going to be so hard. I don't want to come home. Can I be a missionary forever?
With that thought, I've thought a lot about what I'm doing here on my mission. On Sunday I was asked where I'm from, how long I've been out, etc. And as I answered those questions I realized that I will hit my 8 month mark on Wednesday, with my half way mark coming up within weeks. Not okay. I only have so much time and I still have so much to do! The theme at the VC for the transfer is "choose". I have to choose to become someone more. I have to choose to follow Jesus Christ. I have to choose how to spend my time. I have to choose how to treat those around me. I have to choose how to act as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have to choose to become more. And so, here it is. From here on out, no matter how little sleep I get, no matter what unkind words are thrown my way, no matter what sacrifices must come, I will serve the Lord and always choose Him. I will work until I drop. I will testify until my voice is gone. I will live the gospel until I die. This is real! This is what life is. We are to get lost in joyous things, love one another, love our Father in Heaven, and work to become more. I know that I am a daughter of God, and that with Him, I can accomplish anything.
I know this gospel is true, Brothers and Sisters. By living its precepts and learning day by day, I am becoming more. And I can't wait to go home to Heavenly Father. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Have a happy and SAFE halloween!
Sister Moore

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