Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb. 15

Hello hello,

I'm having issues with my memory card so I stole some photos from my
companion. I hope these will satisfy until I figure out my own issue.
Story of my life eh? :) But things are grand here. We've found some
great new investigators, the VC is keeping steady, I'm growing and
stretching, home life is grand, I really can't complain. Nor do I have
things to update on. So much happens that I sit down to write and my
mind goes blank. Probably because I'm exhausted. We've started going
to bed before 10:30pm.

The photos:
4093: A baptism we had last month.
4129: Remember how I wrote home about when Sister Porter opened up the
Bible and got her answer to a prayer? This was taken right after it.
It was raining.
4198: My "snap pea cake" made by Sister Porter on my birthday.
4235: A cake that some of our investigators made for me.
4246: Hand embrodered by Sister Porter... her gift to me. I absolutely
love it. She's so good to me. :)
4294: Lunch after district meeting. We all look like we could be
related. L to R: Sisters Payne, Porter, Moore

A while back we got a referral to the Marriott Fairfield Inn for the
General Manager. Turns out she was a less active member but have been
visiting her since. We tried to see her again the other night before
we headed home because we felt like we should but she wasn't there so
we started talking to the other woman at the front desk. We start
asking her about her belief in God and she says, "I always ask people
who believe in God 'How do you know'?" She needs the lvoe of God in
her life. We gave her a card and testified and went on our way. As I
walked out the door, the Spirit constrained me. I turn to Sister
Porter and ask, "DO you have a BOok of Mormon on you?" "Yes" she
replies. We turn around and teach her about the Book of Mormon. She
lit up. She has been reading since. We's such a neat lady! However,
for a more humorous side of this story, while we were teaching about
the Book of Mormon, this very elderly man comes up with a napkin full
of cookies, places it in my hands, and hugs us both. He calls himself
an "angel from heaven" and continues to carry on about the subject. It
was pretty funny. Pretty sure he had had a little alcohol in him.
Sadly, he probably didn't remember anything we said. The adventures of
tracting, eh?

I got my hair cut yesterday. Don't worry... it'll grow out by the time
I get home. I love it. It's easy to manage. I don't have to spend half
an hour on it every morning.

Sorry for the short note, but I know this work is true. I know God
lives, that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to atone for us so we could
experience all we have. It's beautiful to know that the Supreme Being
love and cares for us individually and has given us these teachings in
the gospel to follow, embrace, and love. I've never been happier. This
church is true. Christ lives! Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Sister Moore

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