Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22, 2012

Good morning,

It's supposed to be 67* here in Independence today, and then in a
couple days back down to 32*. The midwest is crazy! However, a local
church leader had testified that the area is having such a mild winter
because the temple needed to be completed. I believe it. We are
gearing up for the open house and are so excited for it! It's going to
be huuuuuge.

A few pictures. A few of the sisters that serve at the VC. I might
room with the sister second from the left. Another of me at my
trestment for my back. My future loks bright thanks to modern
medicine. And then my haricut! I was really tired. It was taken at the
end of the day and that sister is Sister Payne. She's my friend.

What to report... last Sunday a couple former Elders came back to
visit 4th ward that I served with. It was fun to see them. All
weekend, people kept coming up to me asking, "Are you okay?" and I
couldn't figure out why. As I searched diligently on the subject,
trying to figure out what's going on inside of me, the Lord showed me
that I just need to be happy and start showing my love. I got into the
rut of focusing on the duty side of the work that I forgot to enjoy
what I was actually doing! That is a scary thing. But it was such a
blessing, too, because I was shown that even when these poor habits
come into play, all we have to do is make a choice and the world
becomes instantly brighter. "You are what you've always imagined you
could be. You can see it; all you need is to believe it. Already, you
have made it. So burn bright, the world needs your light". Gotta love

Things are well. Writer's block is coming on again. Last night we went
out to eat with some members and they took us to Bass Pro Shop.
There's a restuarant in there. Way awesome place. My family would be
proud of me as I ate Talapia, Snow King Crab, and Alligator. That's
right; I ate alligator. It was quite an adventure. Sister Porter has
never had seafood and she wanted to try the crab. So the waitress
brought it out in a wash bucket and Sister Porter had the greatest
look on her face. She held up the plastic bib that comes with it and
asks, "Am I supposed to wear this?" She's so cute! It was an adventure
helping her eat the crab. In the parking lot, we ran into a member of
the Odessa ward. So great to see him!

Transfers are next week. I will still write home next Wednesday, but I
will know where I'm going. I'll let you know if P-day changes next
week, too.

We were able to go to the Liberty Jail President's Devotional last
Sunday. The testimonies were so powerful. President Keyes gets up and
gives this talk about faith. He shares this story. I will probably
butcher it, but I pray that the Spirit will still be here.

There's a story that happened not too long ago in the Missouri
Independence Mission. Now, this could've happened anywhere. But it
didn't. It happened here in this mission. A couple of Elders were
walking out of K-Mart when they saw some commotion over by a car. They
decided to see what was going on. When they got closer, they saw a man
kneeling down on the concrete hovering over a baby that seemed to be
gone. He had put a shirt on the ground and was trying to figure out
what to do. The mother of the child was hysterical. She had just
pulled into the parking lot and when she saw her baby the harness was
too tight, or something, and had suffocated the baby. The Elders ran
over and asked the woman if they could bless her baby. She was so
hysterical and was desperate for any sort of help. Right there, in the
middle of the K-Mart parking lot, the Elders knelt down, laid their
hands on the head of the child, and blessed it. As they removed their
hands from its head, the child awakes and looks around as everything
were normal. The Elders make eye contact with the woman, return to
their car, and drive away. Even before they exited the parking lot,
the woman knew they were servants of God, and that she had just
experienced a miracle. Even if no one else knew what had just
happened, the Elders did, and the woman did.

This story is true. I know that the power of God has been restored
through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Christ has restored His
church. I've seen healings in my own family. I've seen healings in my
own life. I've seen the faith of so many wrought miracles. This is why
I'm out on my mission; because God loves us enough to have sent His
son, Jesus Christ, and everyone needs to know that they are loved. I'm
so very grateful for this blessing of knowledge... just knowing that I
am a part of this work and seeing the Lord work. The gospel has been
restored. And it is true. Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

I love you all. Stay safe. Go to church. Read the Book of Mormon.
Pray to God. There is so much more for us to learn.

Sister Moore

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