Monday, February 13, 2012

February 8

Good morning y'all,

Thank you all for your notes and updates! I love hearing from
everyone. I had something cool happen last Sunday. At the VC, the
director has asked the sisters to write down and record "miracle
moments" that happen at the VC. They then send them to Salt Lake to be
used at the MTC, for other missionaries, and are even shared with the
brethren. I've been able to send a few in which is a huge blessing in
itself. Something happened that I hadn't even been aware of and was
asked to write it out. So here's a little story for you:

"Every Sunday morning my companion and I report to the
Independence Visitors’ Center to welcome guests from around the world
and to share with them something that is precious and true. February
5th was another one of those Sundays. I sat deep in my scriptures and
pondered to why I was really here in Missouri. I’ve learned that we
will never arrive to a certain trait of knowledge, but rather our
testimony deepens with every act and step we take towards the Savior.

      Around 11 AM, a woman walks into the Center and walks downstairs
to use the restroom. A man comes in shortly afterwards and introduces
himself. He was a member. The woman that just came in was not, but
rather his wife who had been asking several questions. They were from
Kansas but in the area for a family member that was visiting from
California. He said he felt that he needed to bring her in today. She
came upstairs and was very warm and open to learning more. I was
privileged to be able to take them through the center and we began
with God’s Plan for his Family. I explained that the family is crucial
to understanding God. I shared that the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches
us correct principles that we are to use and apply into our lives to
find lasting happiness. I told them that families were sacred,
eternal, and forever. I invited them to listen for the Spirit. At the
end, the couple grew closer as they had felt the Spirit and that
truth. I then took them in front of the magnificent Christus statue,
to where I bore testimony of Jesus Christ and how He has given us an
opportunity in this life for so much more joy. I am a convert to the
Church of three and a half years and my mom joined two years after I
did. I shared my story that we as a family attended several churches
growing up, never sticking with one as I never felt at home. I found
this church and finally felt what I was blindly looking for. I shared
that my mom had always been close to the spirit and was not-so-blindly
searching for something. She had decided to learn about the Church
because she saw how it changed my life for the better. As this couple
listened, I could see the woman take an interest as she reminded me a
lot of my mom. As I asked for her thoughts she shared with me that she
agrees with the principles. She considers herself spiritual and has a
love for Christ. She had always been so impressed with her husband’s
family and knew this had to be good. I took her into another part of
the Center titled Scriptures and Revelations and she began to open up.
Her husband was very excited at this point. He asked me to explain to
her about the gold plates, the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, and how
it all ties back to Jesus Christ. I did my best to follow the Spirit
by showing her examples of prophecies found in the Bible, bearing
testimony, and sharing personal experiences. She started asking
several other sincere questions and I did my best to follow the Spirit
to answer her. I felt we really connected. Her husband was very
patient as we seemed to branch off as I taught a majority of the first
and second lessons. Two hours later, they left. She had accepted the
missionaries and a Book of Mormon, and several references to
information online. She says she believes these things could happen.
She shared with me that what was most impressive to her was the fact
that we share information and invite them to ask God if it be true.
She thanked me for my time and left. I was excited to call in a few
days to see how things were.

      A couple of days later, I was serving with the same senior
couple that was with us Sunday morning. The Elder called me over and
asked me about Sunday. I said that I really liked them and would be
calling them in a couple days to see if the missionaries made it by.
He then shared with me that he had talked to the husband a few times
as I was teaching the wife. The husband shared with him that he had
been searching for someone for so long to help his wife see the
connection from the Bible to the Book of Mormon. As I began teaching,
he greatly felt that I was able to give that to her and that for the
first time she accepted missionaries and had her questions answered. I
was floored. I hadn’t the slightest idea that I was being used in the
hands of the Lord to help this family on their way to being eternal. I
was humbled as I felt the Spirit bear witness to me that it was true.
I learned that when we rely on the Lord and do what is asked of us, we
see miracles. I know in my mind and in my heart that miracles happen
every day, but when we see the Lord working right in front of us, we
start to understand why we are placed where we are."

Out in our area, we've found a few new investigators which we are
excited about and have a few committed to baptism. It's always so
exciting to see them take steps toward lasting happiness! Last Sunday
we had the monthly Mission President's Devotional to where recent
converts share their conversion story and testimony. I was asked to
sing, so I preformed "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", in a beautiful
arrangement. I loved it! I love testifying through words and through

It's starting to become winter out here. Not so much snow, but it's
cold. I got up and ran this morning and I feel so good! Being active
is helping my back and neck. I've decided to start the long journey of
reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelations. I started this morning
and the Lord showed me some amazing things in the first couple
chapters of Genesis! haha, I get so excited about the littlest things,
but that is what keeps life real and fun. Enjoy the journey! Smile! Be
happy! I'll find you if you don't.

I think I said I'd write about how we will be involved with the temple
last week but I realized I never did. During the open house, sisters
will be at the end of tours to answer questions and guide people to
the stake center. Elders don't get to play a part of that. And we can
attend the open house as well, and will be at the dedication too. I'm
excited! What a blessing it is to be here in this mission as this

Sister Porter is trying to love me to death. She's very huggy; I'm not
so much. It's always fun watching us. :) I love her, even if she's

Thank you for all your support. I know that this gospel is true. I
know that Christ lives and loves us. The family is ordained of God and
helps us understand our relationship with God himself. Go forward,
brethren and sisters, and on, on to the vistory!

Sister Moore

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  1. "Sister Porter is trying to love me to death." SO TRUE! You two are hilarious and I love you both so much. :-)