Friday, July 27, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK MOMMY!!!! And happy anniversary Will & Kimberly! :)

ugh. Time is measured only unto man, but it sure does go by quickly.
it's the end of July... where is my mission going?!
We had been seeing a lot of baptisms here almost every week, but Satan
is out to get us. A lot of our investigators have had issues. Serious
issues. I'm trying to work as diligently as I can and I am SO tired.
All I want to do when I get home is sleep. There's a bed ready for me,

It's unreal to me that my mission is coming to a close. As I keep
saying I'm trying to make the most of it. I feel like there is so much
so do and so little time to do it. The heat is a major factor that we
are trying to be careful of. Sister Jones and I made a goal of 4
baptisms this transfer. We've seen one. I'm learning just how willing
Heavenly Father is to grant us such blessings and to see divine help
in our lives. I can't adequately express how in awe I am on the
matter. For example, there is a couple here that we are teaching. For
a while, the wife was going to get baptized. She has gained a
testimony and absolutely loves learning from us. Her husband is less
than excited but really enjoys us, so he's listening. She's slowly
starting to soften his hard. One Sunday they stayed for just Sacrament
and told us they had to go home to talk about church. NERVE RACKING.
We went back ASAP on Monday and that lesson was so guided by the
spirit... We ended the lesson by reading Moroni 10:4-5, Moroni's
promise to all of us in these last days to read the Book of Mormon and
then to ask if it is not true. The wife read it, and said, "Oh! So, if
you want to know how to say a prayer you can just read it right out of
the scriptures" and then recites verse 4 in a way that she is speaking
in prayer, asking for an answer. As soon as she ended, the Spirit
penetrated our hearts. It was so unexpected and the joy that filled my
heart was indescribable. I looked up at Sister Jones, and she at me,
and we whispered to each other "did you feel that?!" Never before in
my life have I received an answer so direct to a question. It was
memorable, for sure.

On Friday we had a special zone training where the zone leaders taught
us for about 3 hours of things President Keyes wants us to start
focusing on. it was so good!!! One of the zone leaders said something
about taking home keys. When you board the plane to go home, how many
keys to the Celestial Kingdom will you have in your pocket? It was
intense. I want to go invite everyone to be baptized now!!!

Sister Jones and I sang in church, a song called "I'll Find You My
Friend". There wasn't a dry eye in the audience. Every time I do
something in Sacrament the congregation cries. I hope that's a good

Let's see let's see... We really felt inspired to see a less active
girl. When we got there she was very kind and said she is not Mormon
anymore but is going to another church. We asked for referrals and she
said to try the house down the block. We did and found a family to
teach!!! it was really neat. When we follow the Spirit, we know we
can't go wrong because the Lord always fulfills His end of the deal.

More and more do I see how true this gospel is. It scares me deeply to
have to go back into the world soon. I know things will be okay, but
after hearing about so many evil things happening, and SEEING so much
as we enter into people's homes, I can't help but ask, "Why don't
people hearken to our words more?" The Iron Rod leads us to safety. it
leads us to have hope in something real and reliable. I know that
embracing and immersing ourselves in the teachings of the prophets and
the restored gospel is the only way to happiness. That is God's plan
for us to be happy. There is no other way. None. Zilch. Zero. The
gospel is true! I will shout it from the rooftops! I can't wait to be
a missionary for the rest of my life. How blessed am I for the gospel
in my life.

Brothers and sisters, I know in my heart, by the power of the Holy
Ghost, that these things are true. I'm eternally grateful for the
gospel and all that have helped me see the beauty of it. Thank you all
for your love and support and investment in me. I want you to know
that I am trying to choose the right.

Sister Moore

(The picture is of an investigator. His birthday was last Saturday and
we made him cupcakes. :) )

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