Monday, July 9, 2012



It's been a crazy week! I thought I was being transferred since my
mission president told me I was... haha. But I stayed and will finish
my mission is Hutch. It's kind of disgusting to think that I'm on my
last transfer. But one cool thing is I'm still with Sister Jones. I
started my mission with her and now I will end my mission with her.
How many missionaries can say that?! And I'm really grateful to stay
in the area because we are working with 5 different groups of
investigators that all have a desire to be baptized. We are just
working on the repentance progress. 3 of the 5 have to get married...
but one set is getting baptized this Saturday, the 14th, which is
cool! Anyone remember why? I was baptized on the 14th 4 years ago!
She's so ready, too.

The 4th of July was fun. I was sick but the ward did a breakfast from
7 to 9am for the community, so we attended that for a little bit and
went over to watch the parade. We had a couple of investigators and
members in it so we went to support them. We got a referral for an 88
year old woman who wants to be baptized. Her daughter and her family
joined years ago, but she never did. Her daughter came to her after a
lesson in relief society the other day and said, "if you are given a
fair chance to accept the gospel here, and you don't, you can only
make it to the Terrestrial Kingdom". She decided that she has better
get baptized. How cool!!! She was in the hospital for the 4th, but we
visited her, sang a hymn for her, and should be seeing her this week.
We got invited to 3 different dinners... all of them were hamburgers
and hotdogs. As we would drive to appointments we would see fireworks
and I was just loving it. We studied about how America was preserved
for the Restoration of the Gospel and how this land and Constitution
were divinely created. it's amazing, because the Book of Mormon
prophesies of that. So, the 4th was good. The next couple days were
hot and we had several appointments. At one appointment I found myself
getting ill... and I tried to motion to my companion that we needed to
leave. She wraps up the lesson and we quickly say bye, and as I walk
out of the house, I threw up in their front yard. Gross, I know. I
don't think I've ever done that. They were so kind, calling that night
and the day after to see if I was okay. I had caught a virus and
unfortunately gave it to my companion, but that was kind of the
excitement for Friday! Thursday was also transfers. We didn't get
transferred but had a zone meeting so went to Wichita anyway. I
attached a picture of all the sisters at the Wichita transfer bus.

The Andertons that we are teaching are so great! They went out of town
and we were afraid that we weren't going to be able to help them
progress since we couldn't see them for a week. We finally got a hold
of them yesterday and as we sat down to share a message, Sister
Anderton says, "I'll listen to anything you have to teach me". So
cool! We just have to commit her for baptism! her husband is less than
excited about the gospel, but learns because he likes us. We are
praying and fasting for him to open his heart to the Spirit. We just
LOVE them!

We were expecting several people at Sacrament yesterday, and as the
meeting started no one showed up. It was sad. 3 came in after the
sacrament though. But we tried to check in with the ones that
committed and didn't come. We found out one of our investigators had a
miscarriage. We are heart broken for them. We are going to see them
tonight, but if you could please keep them in your prayers.

We got a new ward mission leader, and he and his family are just
awesome. They had us and the Ramey family over for dinner last night
and wow, we had a blast! They are so funny! They have a son on a
mission in Longbeach, Cali, a daughter that just got married living in
Utah, and then 3 other teenagers. They knew the Rameys from when
Sister Ramey joined the church several years ago and both families
just ended up in Hutch. Awesome! We shared the 3rd new member lesson
with them all for the Ramey boys and they are so dang smart! They
understand the gospel! I'm so in love with those little boys, haha.
The oldest just turned 12 and has been passing the sacrament. My heart
melts every time!

So, things are good. We've got a lot of good things going here. We're
trying to heal and work hard to make it the best transfer of our
missions. And it will be!! I was asked to speak in Sacrament this
Sunday about my conversion and mission and what they mean to me. I'm a
pro at this topic! I'll let you know how it goes... hopefully well.

I pray for you all every night. I know the Lord is watching over you.
I would exhort you to be faithful and come into the gospel to see of
the goodness here. I may not be a full time mission forever, but I'll
be a missionary forever. I love my Savior. He lives. Stay true!
Sister Moore

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